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Creation is part of my daily life and being able to share this passion with you is a privilege.

French is my mother thongue, English is a language I learned to love over the years. I was born in Quebec City (Province de Québec, Canada) and now live near Montréal, with my spouse and my two sons.

I hope you will enjoy the time you spend here. Internet is such a great place to meet people I would have never met otherwise. And receiving comments from you is always a pleasure. Do not hesitate to contact me at the below email address. Welcome!


One Lovely Blog Award - francenadeau.com

I had the good surprise of being nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Olena Pugachova, on August 23, 2016. It was an honor to be nominated by such a talented lady. When you are nominated, and if you accept the award, you have to list seven facts about yourself. This is what I wrote (click here for the ogininal post):

  1. Crafting is as essential as breathing. Well, maybe not as essential, but close. It is essential to my mental health, though. I must do a little bit of something at least once a week. A little bit everyday is better, even if it’s only for 10 minutes.
  2. I am mostly an autodidact. I had drawing courses when I was a little girl and took a hand-quilting course about 10 years ago, but beside those, I mostly learned by myself. Not always the easy way, let me tell you.
  3. I cannot restrain myself to one project. Therefore, I always have a pile of work-in-progress projects. The excitement of starting something new is the best part of any creation, in my opinion. If you leave a project aside long enough, it become an exciting new project. And if you put is aside more than once, it becomes a exciting, new and quick project. Isn’t that fantastic? But don’t get me wrong, I highly admire those who can concentrate on one project at a time.
  4. I have a passion for fabric, old and new. Walking in a fabric store, touching the various textures, as well as admiring colors and motifs, is an activity I would do any day of the year. But I find that old fabric (clothes, sheets, etc.) have its own appeal, in terms of beauty (an old fabric is not less beautiful) and texture (soft and flexible).
  5. I cannot bear throwing away fabric. I keep all old clothes, sheets and the like and have now a huge quantity of them. I therefore gave myself the goal of using this available fabric before buying any. No trip to the fabric stores for anything else than tools and notions. And you know what? Having to use what you have on hand sparks creativity.
  6. I have always had a passion about sewing, but it does not stand alone: reading, writing, paper crafts, embroidery, knitting, crocheting… Just to name a few. Mixing them is always exciting. Crafting-writing-blogging. Paper-fabric. Quilting-embroidery. The possibilities are infinite!
  7. I started blogging in October 2013. My first post was about a quilt called Butterflies in the Garden that I have made for my niece.

Downtown Houses block 6 - pattern at francenadeau.com

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. France, enchantée de te trouver sur Google +
    Ton travail est magnifique.
    J’adore les animaux.
    J’aime beaucoup le Scrapbooking Craft Couture
    Merci bien pour ton apportation.
    Thanks so much France.
    Bon journée Terrykrizia

  2. So nice of you to reply to my question and offer me the chance to follow your blog France. You do beautiful work and inspire me to pick up needle and thread more often. Best, Sharon

    • I’m happy if what I do inspire you to pick up needle and thread. They bring so much joy into my life.
      It’s with pleasure that I follow your blog as I particularly love looking at your pictures.
      Thank you for taking the time to write to me.

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