Tea in the Rose Garden – yellow rose and blue tea cup


Let me present you my Tea in the Rose Garden mug rug. The French version is Le thé dans la roseraie, as you can see in this yellow rose and blue tea cup version.

This is a mug rug for tea lovers. This is the first mug rug I have ever made and I made it entirely by machine. That is an achievement. (Some of you might know that I usually add hand work to everything.) Yes, I was tempted to add hand embroidery. But I resisted. I had decided from the start to do the whole project with my sewing machine. There is only one exception: I sew the binding by hand on the back. I just cannot achieve a neat binding when sewing it with the machine on both sides.


I made a post, two months ago, about my prototype made with old clothes. The mug rug you see in this post is also completely made with recycled fabric. T-shirts and pyjamas for the appliqués, the backing and the borders. Pants for the background. T-shirt cottons and the likes are great for appliqués as they do not fray, which means there is no need to turn the edges and they will endure many washing.


I am currently working on a pattern for this Tea in the Rose Garden mug rug. It may takes a few weeks before it is available because it is summer, my boys are on vacation from school and the sun lures me outside most days. Meantime, I will show you other versions of this mug rug I am making. In peach and lavender. In red and lavender.


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Tea in the Rose Garden mug rug - pattern at francenadeau.com




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24 thoughts on “Tea in the Rose Garden – yellow rose and blue tea cup

  1. I love this idea of reusing clothing. Often I have difficulty throwing away clothes because they have a meaning to me. This would be a great way of keeping the memory. Beautiful mug rug.

    • Thank you so much! I always love reading your comments. It seems that I was commenting on your blog almost at the same time you were commenting on mine… funny!
      You’ve refashioned that pair of jeans beautifully!

    • I just cannot throw any fabric away so I need to find ways to use it. I think you like to recycle fabric too… 🙂 Thanks for the compliment!

  2. Cute mug rug. I kind of burned myself out making them last year but yours makes me want to do them again..and be more specific with the design! followed you from Free Motion linky!

  3. J’adore le thé et les roses…et ce quilt est magnifique !
    Merci pour le gentil commentaire laissé sur mon blog !
    Une bonne semaine !

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