Tea in the Rose Garden – red rose and purple/white tea cup


An other mug rug! As I promised last week, this one has the theme quilted in English: Tea in the Rose Garden. I think this one is my favorite, with the red rose and the red border. The tea cup is in purple and white like the peach rose version, but in reverse. In fact, those two purple and white fabrics where the top and the bottom of a pyjamas. I think they make handsome tea cups. Just like the old nightgown I used for the blue tea cup version. Flowery fabrics for old-fashion cups. What do you think?



All appliqués were stitched with a blanket stitch. The letters and details (such as the petals) where done with the free motion foot.


To make the back of the mug rugs, I used the same t-shirt fabric as for the rose appliqué. Then I made a simple stitch-in-the-ditch quilting along the borders.


The three mug rugs make a nice set together, I find. The blue one is for my father and the peach one, for my mother. I am keeping the red one. 🙂


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Tea in the Rose Garden mug rug - pattern at francenadeau.com


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26 thoughts on “Tea in the Rose Garden – red rose and purple/white tea cup

  1. Yes, these are beautiful. I would be afraid to use them and get tea stains. Your stitching is always so very pretty and your designs are lovely. I enjoy seeing your creations.

  2. These are all gorgeous, and I love that you used repurposed fabric for them. That’s something I try to do too in my quilts, my current one is almost entirely repurposed, and I just love creating something new and beautiful from something old and unwanted. It’s great to see someone else doing the same!

    • Thank you! When I saw and commented on your Elephant Quilt, I didn’t realised you were making it with repurposed fabrics. I like to know such a detail. Thanks for telling me.

    • Thank you, Lorna. Your words mean a lot to me.
      Choosing can sometimes be difficult… Like when you find a fabric with a motif you love and you have to choose between six color combinations that, of course, all appeal to you… And you end up buying more than one because you cannot narrow your choice to one. 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m happy that you also like this tea theme. It’s the most drank beverage in the world after water, and I certainly concur with that. What would be a day without at least a cup of tea? 🙂

    • Perfect? Oh no… they are not! Not to my eyes, anyway. But if they look perfect to your eyes, I’m perfectly happy with that! 😉 Thank you for telling me.

    • Thank you so much! I have lots of fun inventing displays. My mother collects old cups and saucers and, some time ago, she gave me the three I used for the Tea in the Rose Garden mug rugs pictures. They were a perfect match to the fabrics! That was a happy coincidence.
      I must say that the photography credits goes to my spouse, Jean-François. He’s the one behind the camera. 🙂

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