Snowman Blocks for my Winter Quilt

These are the snowman blocks I have made for my Winter Quilt. I have been working on this quilt for a few years now. One winter, I made the snowman blocks. The following winter, I made cardinal blocks. The year after, I made a centre block with leaves and red berries. Then, I cut little squares and thin stripes. Last year, I assembled everything together to make the top. And this winter, I am quilting it. I have been on it for six years now. Time to finish it!


The snowman was inspired by a pattern I saw in the magazine McCalls Quilting (A Merry Menorah, by Cheryl Lynch, Dec. 2008). I changed it slightly. Instead of sewing 9 snowmen in a row, I chose to make four blocks with only one snowman. I have found a link to the original pattern, if you wish to see it.


I sew all the appliqués by hand. Then I embroidered by hand the noses, the eyes, the buttons and the edges of the scarves and hats. It was in 2009 and my youngest son had started school a few months ago. It was with great joy that I was able to sit down one hour or two in the afternoon to stitch.


The four blocks are almost identical. The faces are not the same. As well as the snowy landscape. I guess that by now you have noticed the blue thread adorning the blocks horizontally. My first idea was to take pictures before passing those threads through the fabric. Then I forgot. I only remembered after I had finished to prepare the quilt for quilting. As I certainly would not be doing that less-than-agreable step twice on the same quilt, the pictures were taken. Just imagine they are not there.


All the fabric is 100% cotton, except for the pieces of wood that are made with polyester. I love this brown fabric, embroidered with brown thread. I find it perfect for anything woody.

I started the quilting two days ago. By hand. One hour or two in the afternoon, while my boys are at school.


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From Bits and Pieces to Snowmen


 Snowman Ornaments

Snowman Ornaments

They may stand alone. They may come in pairs. Or they may appear in groups. One thing for sure, they are forest snowmen, with their frozen berries and branches of evergreen. They feel at home in a Christmas tree, with tiny lights reflecting on their shiny golden head adornments.



They are very easy to make. Some white scrap fabric (an old sweater is perfect), something to fill them (scrap fabric, polyester fiber fill, pieces of yarn…), a piece of orange fabric, some ribbon, thread coordinated with the ribbon, beads, cotton balls and pieces of plastic Christmas decorations.

Let them add golden, silver, blue or red sparkles to the season. Let them add a touch of frost to your Christmas tree!


I wrote a pattern for these Snowman Ornaments. There is a printable version on my Web site and in my Craftsy Pattern Store (in English and in French).


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