Queen’s-Crown Crochet-Border Shawl


I used a 100% polyester recycled thread for which a 4 US (3.5 mm) crochet is recommended. I suggest using a smooth thread because a small 2 mm crochet is used for this project. Choosing a wool that easily separate would make the work much harder.



  • Polyester knitted fabric of your choice
  • Thread for crochet number 4, coordinated to your fabric
  • Fabric punch
  • Crochet 2 mm
  • Wool needle


First row: crocheting the base on the fabric

  1. At 5 mm / 3/16” from the edge, make holes in the fabric with the punch. Space them at approximately 5 mm / 3/16”. In the corners, try to make the hole at the same distance from the edge, on both sides (you may have to cheat by a few mm from the last hole to achieve it; do not worry, it will not show). If your fabric was woven loosely enough, you may be able to insert the crochet between the threads and omit the punch step; you can make the hole with your crochet as you go.
  2. With a 2 mm crochet, make 1 single crochet per hole. It is important not to make any chain stitch between each single crochet, even though you think there are not enough stitches. Knitted polyester has to be “contained” as it stretch easily. If you add stitches, the border will not remain flat. You must crochet loosely to keep fabric’s edges straight and flat.
  3. For the corners, make 3 single crochets in the hole at the corner.
  4. Continue all around the fabric.
  5. Attach the last stitch to the first with a slip stitch.

Second row: chains

  1. Make a chain of 5 and attach it with a slip stitch 2 stitch farther.
  2. Continue all around the fabric with chains attached every 2 stitches. You may think that there is too many stitches in this row because the edge will not remain flat, but this problem will be solved at the next row.
  3. Just before the corner, attach the chain to the following stitch with a slip stitch (from the third last to the second last stitch; the stitch in the corner being the last). See schema in pdf version. Attach the next chain 2 stitch farther as usual (this chain forms the corner). Attach the next chain (the first after turning the corner) to the next stitch (from the second stitch to the third; the stitch in the corner being the first).
  4. At the end of the row, attach the last chain to the foundation of the first chain with a slip stitch (that can be 1, 2 or 3 stitches later).

Third row: picots

  1. Around the stitches of the first chain, make: 2 half-double crochets, one picot, 1 half-double crochet.
  2. Around the stitches of the second chain: 1 half-double crochet.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 all around the fabric.
  4. For the corners, make 3 consecutive sequences with the picot stitch (see schema in pdf version).
  5. Cut the thread and run through the stitches with a wool needle.

How I made the picot stitch: ch 4, ss in the first ch


A printable version can be found for free (in French and in English) on my Web site and in my Craftsy Pattern Store. This pdf version has a chart.


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