Infinity Scarf


Infinity scarves are quite popular and I decided to make one. I had a large piece of white polyester with ruffles. No, I did not sew the ruffles myself; the fabric was already covered with beautiful lace. Perfect for an elegant scarf. Miminum work for great results. And, on top of that, the borders do not fray. No need to finish the seams. (That part appeals to my lazy side.)


I did not read any tutorial before starting this task that I thought, quite wrongly, would take me half an hour, at the most. Come on! Assembling two sides of a rectangle would be a breeze for someone who has been sewing for more than twenty-five years. Sure.

To make a long story short, I folded the fabric in any possible ways to figure out which sides should be first sewn together. I ripped seams. In the end, I gathered that the longest sides should be sewn together, front to front. Then the two openings, front to front. That leaves a small opening (around 2″) that could only be closed with hand stitching. Needless to say that the whole took me more than thirty minutes!


Angela has posted a great Infinity Scarf Tutorial. I wish I had seen it before doing mine. We came to the same conclusion as to how to proceed, but if I had seen her post before starting, it would have saved me lots of time!

Vicky Meyers made one from a skirt. I think that is brilliant. This is even more faster. Making an infinity scarf with this method should take thirty minutes. For sure. I will surely test the method in the following months. 😉

Have you made an Infinity Scarf yourself?


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