Lavender Sachets





This post is a tutorial on how to make these little sachets to preserve the heavenly smell of lavender.


  • Transparent white fabric: tulle, gauze, etc.
  • White sewing thread
  • Color sewing thread to decorate the sachet, if you wish
  • Lavender


Cut two 10.2 cm / 4” squares in your fabric. Place the squares back to back and keep into place with pins.

Sew all around with a straight stitch and a white thread, at a distance of 1.3 cm / 1/2” from the edges, leaving a 3.8 cm / 1 1/2” gap.


Insert lavender inside the sachet. Push the lavender to the side farthest from the gap and sew a straight line to close the gap.

Sew over the straight stitch with a decorative stitch, using white or color thread. Push the lavender away from the stitching line to avoid stitching through the flowers.


Printable versions of this tutorial can be found on my web site, in English and in French.


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