Fruit Pudding – Strawberries and Pecans (Daily Cooking)

Daily Cooking - Puddings - Strawberries and Pecans -

When it’s strawberry season, I always make a strawberry pudding.

Fruit Pudding - Strawberries and Pecan - Daily Cooking -

The pecans, with their pronounced taste, enhance marvelously the sweetness of the ripe and juicy strawberries. My version of this popular fruit pudding contains much less sugar and much less fat than what is usually served. But it’s equally delicious. When you have to control your sugar or fat intake, eating desserts becomes difficult. This fruit pudding—along with all the puddings in my cookbook—makes it possible to indulge. I myself find it perfectly safe to eat a portion for an afternoon or a night snack. If I couple it with a cup of peppermint tea (which lower the speed of carb absorption), it’s even better. I would like to add that my recipes are without eggs and without butter.

The recipe is in my Daily Cooking – Puddings cookbook. It’s available on Amazon. There is also a French version La cuisine au quotidien – Les poudings.

Energy 252 kcal Protein 4 g Carbohydrates 32 g
Fat 13 g Iron 1 mg Sodium 116 mg

I just love how this crust looks.

Fruit Pudding - Strawberries and Pecan - Daily Cooking -

To make this pudding, I use the special technique I have developed over the years, using only one bowl. One of my goal in the kitchen is to have the least possible amount of dirty dishes. 😉 I explain everything in my cookbooks (with multiple pictures).

Les poudings - La cuisine au quotidien -          Puddings - Daily Cooking -

The content of this article is given on an informative basis and do not replace advice from a health professional, a diagnostic or a treatment. All opinions stated in this article are those of the author only and are based on her personal experience with gestational diabetes and hypoglycemia, as well as on her autodidactic learning.

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Daily Cooking – La cuisine au quotidien

Puddings - Daily Cooking - francenadeau.comLes poudings - La cuisine au quotidien -

Daily Cooking is about eating healthy every single day, even on busy days. It is about being able to provide one’s family, or just ourself (which is not less important—all my recipes can be divided by two), with good-and-flavourful food that has a low amount of sugar and fat. My lists of ingredients are always short (without eggs and without butter), ensuring the recipes are fast to make, easy and economical.

It is a pleasure for me to be able to share with you my years of experimentation with recipes that are low in sugar and in fat. I feed a family of four everyday (my spouse, my two teen sons and myself) with simple ingredients and have been doing so now for 15 years. All my batters and doughs are prepared by using one bowl only—I explain how I do it in my books.

During my two pregnancies, I had to deal with gestational diabetes. This left me with a hypoglycemia disorder. And a high risk of developing type-2 diabetes. Hence my journey into developing recipes that can help control my blood-sugar level. And as keeping a low amount of fat in my food has always been important to me, my recipes also reflect this consideration.

You may be thinking “Low in sugar, low in fat… low in taste!” Well, not so. I use ingredients that are naturally high in taste: nuts, fresh fruits, dried fruits, chocolate, etc. Yes, it is important to control carbohydrates and fat, but it is equally important to enjoy what you eat.

I hope my cookbooks will be useful to you. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions to ask or comments to make. You can do so by filling my contact form here or by sending me an email at

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La cuisine au quotidien est une série de livres pour nous aider à manger sainement tous les jours, même ceux où l’on est très occupé. Pour nous aider à nourrir notre famille, ou juste nous-même (ce qui n’est pas moins important—toutes mes recettes se divisent en deux) avec des aliments sains et pleins de saveur, mais faibles en sucre et en gras. Mes listes d’ingrédients sont toujours courtes, ce qui fait que les recettes sont rapides à faire, faciles et économique.

C’est un plaisir pour moi de pouvoir partager mes années d’expérimentation dans la concoction de plats faibles en sugre et en gras. Je nourris tous les jours une famille de quatre personnes (mon conjoint, mes deux adolescents et moi-même) avec des ingrédients simples, et ce, depuis maintenant 15 ans. Toutes mes pâtes sont préparées en utilisant un seul bol—je vous explique comment je fais dans mes livres.

Durant mes deux grossesses, j’ai dû faire face à du diabète de grossesse. En conséquence, je dois maintenant composer avec de l’hypoglycémie. Et un haut risque de développer un diabète de type 2. C’est ce qui a déclenché mon désir de créer des recettes qui me permettent de gérer mon taux de sucre dans le sang. Comme j’ai toujours eu un intérêt pour les aliments faibles en gras, mes recettes reflètent également cette considération.

Vous pensez peut-être «Faible en sucre, faible en gras… faible en goût!». Eh bien, non. J’utilise des ingrédients qui sont naturellement haut en saveurs : des noix, des fruits frais, des fruits séchés, du chocolat, etc. Oui, il est important de gérer les glucides et les gras, mais il est tout aussi important d’aimer ce que l’on mange.

J’espère que mes livres de recettes vous seront utiles. Surtout, n’hésitez-pas à m’écrire si vous avez des questions ou des commentaires à porter à mon intention. Vous pouvez le faire en remplissant mon formulaire de contact ici ou en m’envoyant un courriel à

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