Pink Knitted Pouches


Two little pouches made of pink baby yarn. Soft yarn that glides smoothly on the needles. Each pouch is basically one rectangle that is folded in two. I used cross-stitch patterns to make the hearts and rosebuds.




After having joined the sides, sewn the lining and sewn the zipper, I embroidered a green line along the top edge with the coral stitch.


Then, I crocheted Eight-Petal Crochet Flowers and leaves. I could not resist adding beads to complete the look.



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Earbud Pouches


These are earbud pouches I have made as a Christmas gift for boys. I followed a tutorial written by Dog Under my Desk, that you can find here. I used old cotton pants for the outside and old shirts for the inside.


The tutorial calls for a zipper, but I did not have any matching the fabric I had chosen. Instead, I went to my jars of buttons and were able to find gorgeous buttons in coordinating colors. I also used a little piece of elastic. They are sturdy pouches that will last a long time.

Below is my prototype. I made it with t-shirt and pyjama fabric for both the inside and the outside. I do not recommend it. Two stretchy fabrics together is not easy to work with and the result is a pouch that does not lay flat. And it is much less sturdy than thick cotton. The elastic is too long on this red pouch and the button had to be sewn farther from the opening, which I find less beautiful. Still, it was the perfect occasion to used this big button.


I kept this one for myself and added a few beads that match the button. (To hide imperfections that were too obvious, really.) It will be useful to carry sewing tools.


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