Tags with Crocheted Flowers – a tutorial

Flower Tags - tutorial at francenadeau.comFlower Tags - tutorial at francenadeau.comFlower Tags - tutorial at francenadeau.comFlower Tags - tutorial at francenadeau.com

I have prepared a pdf tutorial (with a list of material, instructions and pictures) that can be found on my web site, right here (in French and in English).

Tags with Crocheted Flowers – tutorial

Flower Tags - tutorial at francenadeau.com


  • pale green cardboard
  • beige yarn
  • green paper flowers
  • brown wooden beads
  • beige raphia
  • crochet hook
  • paper punch for making holes
  • paper punch for cutting the corners
  • glue sticks and glue gun
  • scissors
  • pencil and ruler


  1. On a piece of pale green cardboard, draw a rectangle measuring 5.5 cm x 8 cm / 2” x 3”. Cut it with your scissors.
  2. Trim the corners with the paper punch for cutting corners.
  3. Make a hole with the other paper punch, in the center, at approximately 0.5 cm / 1/4” from the edge.
  4. Cut a piece of raphia, measuring approximately 40 cm / 15 1/2”. Insert it throught the hole. (See picture below.)
  5. Crochet a flower, using my tutorial for the Eight-Petal Crochet Flower, that can be found on my web site (http://francenadeau.com/tutorials__instructions).
  6. Glue the crocheted flower on the tag, with the glue gun.
  7. Glue a green paper flower in the centre of the crocheted flower.
  8. Glue three brown wooden beads in the centre of the paper flower.

Tags with Crocheted Flowers - tutorial at francenadeau.com

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Amazing Tree – Birthday card made with Crafted Appliqué

Amazing Tree - Birthday card - francenadeau.com

Wouldn’t it be amazing if trees where that colorful all year round?

Amazing Tree - Birthday card - francenadeau.com

This birthday card was made with Lara’s (who blog at BuzzinBumble) new and amazing method called Crafted Appliqué. There is a magnificent tree pattern in her book, made from fabric and sewn unto fabric. Which is what the book is about: a new method to make fabric appliqués. But I quickly realised that this method would also work wonderfully for sewing fabric unto paper. So I decided to experiment.

I traced the tree pattern on tracing paper, exactly as it was in the book, without increasing the size. It was just perfect for a pre-cut and store-bought cardboard card. I cut all the necessary pieces and place them on the cardboard. Then I sew everything into place with my sewing machine.

Amazing Tree - Birthday card - francenadeau.com

This is how the card looked like inside. Do not worry, I covered all the threads with a beautiful sheet of paper.

Amazing Tree - Birthday card - francenadeau.com

This project took so little time that I made two.

Amazing Tree - Birthday card - francenadeau.com

Thank you for visiting. If you are curious about this new method called Crafted Appliqué, just follow the link.


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Sparkling Gift Tags

Sparkling Gift Tags - francenadeau.com

Gifts tags made with some bits and pieces, mostly leftovers from various projects. Pieces of thin cardboard, strands of embroidery floss and beads.

Sparkling Gift Tags - francenadeau.comSparkling Gift Tags - francenadeau.comSparkling Gift Tags - francenadeau.comSparkling Gift Tags - francenadeau.comSparkling Gift Tags - francenadeau.comSparkling Gift Tags - francenadeau.com

You cut a cardboard in a rectangular shape and fold it in half. You make holes with a punch or a needle, in the shape you wish. You take one strand of embroidery floss and embroider the motif. (The technique is called Form-a-Line.)

I chose to add beads for more brilliance and texture.


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Christmas Tags – Tutorial


I made this tag with a few little things I already had: a piece of cardboard, an old t-shirt, a little piece of paper, a button, some thread and beads. Very easy to make. And it cost almost nothing.

It can be attached to any gift you wish to give. Of course, you can vary the colors to your taste, or to those of whom will be the happy receiver.


I made 70 tags. No, I am not giving 70 gifts at Christmas. Wish I could, but not possible. 😉 My mother will deliver them to a youth centre, where they assemble various donated items to make Christmas gift boxes. They can personalised the gift by writing a name and a few words on the tag.

I wrote a tutorial for this Christmas tag that you will find below. There is a printable version on my Web site and in my Craftsy Pattern Store (in English and in French). Just in case you wish to make one. Or a few dozens.


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Christmas Tag Tutorial

Patterns in actual size for the background, the fabric, the star, the tree, the ornament and the gingerbread man can be found in the tutorial available on my Web site and in my Craftsy Pattern Store.


  • Thick cardboard for the background: rectangle of 9.5 x 10.5 cm / 3 1/2” x 4”
  • Fabric that does not fray (an old t-shirt, for example):
    • rectangle of 7.5 x 9 cm / 3” x 3 1/2”
    • strip of 0.5 x 20 cm / 1/4” x 8”
  • Thick paper with motifs (ex.: scrapbooking paper) for a star, a Christmas ball ornament, a tree or a gingerbread man
  • Buttons : one for the centre of the star, one for the top of the ball ornament, one for the top of the tree, two for the coat of the gingerbread man
  • Three small metallic beads (silvery or golden)
  • Metallic threads, two different colors (silvery, golden, red, green, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Punch


  1. Cut the cardboard for the background.
  2. Cut a rectangle piece of fabric. Glue it to the background cardboard, slightly in diagonal.
  3. With a punch, make a hole in the top left corner.
  4. Cut the chosen motif in thick paper (star, Christmas ball ornament, tree, gingerbread man). Glue it on the fabric rectangle, in the centre and straight.
  5. Decorate the motif with a nice button: in the centre of the star, on top of the ball ornament, on top of the tree or on the belly of the gingerbread man. Glue it.
  6. Cut the strip of fabric, pass it through the hole and attach it.
  7. Cut two metallic threads of different colors at a length of 100 cm / 39”. Fold the two threads two times (together), pass them through the hole and make a nice bow.
  8. Apply a little dot of glue on the bow’s knot and then three little beads unto the glue.

Have fun and send me a picture of your tag. I would love to see it!


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