Mini Cupcakes – Blueberries and Lemon (Daily Cooking)

Blueberry and Lemon Cupcakes (Daily Cooking) -

Those mini cupcakes are moist and tender, with a lemon flavour that contrast beautifully with the jam-like taste of the cooked blueberries. Acidity and sweetness coming together. When you take the pan out of the oven and draw an ear close to it, you can hear the blueberry juice bubbling. As if it were a blueberry pudding that cooked long and slow. Or blueberry jam simmering on the stove.

They are delicious and do not come attached with guilt, contrary to full-of-sugar-and-full-of-fat cupcakes. See for yourself (to mini cupcakes equal 1 cupcake):

Energy 101 kcal Protein 1 g Carbohydrates 17 g
Fat 3 g Iron 1 mg Sodium 67 mg

The recipe for these mini cupcakes (which can be baked into regular cupcake pans) is in my Daily Cooking – Mini Cupcakes cookbook. It’s available on Amazon (US$2.99, CAD$3.24). There is also a French version La cuisine au quotidien – Les mini gâteaux.

Blueberry and Lemon Cupcakes (Daily Cooking) -

To make this recipe, I apply the special technique I have developed over the years, using only one bowl. One of my goal in the kitchen is to have the least possible amount of dirty dishes. 😉 I explain everything in my cookbooks (with multiple pictures).

Les mini gâteaux - La cuisine au quotidien -          Mini Cupcakes - Daily Cooking -

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