Fall Coasters


The gloomy and grey month of November is here. Outside, only a few leaves remain on the trees and those on the ground are dry and brown.

But inside, I have a few maple leaves with everlasting shiny colors.


This one is my favorite, with the beige and brown spotty fabric.


This orange leaf is perfect to lighten a particularly dark day.


The thread I chose for this one may be too dark…

I made those leaves with leftover cotton fabric, following a wonderful tutorial written by Lara. She shared her Maple Leaf Mug Rugs or Coasters – Tutorial & Pattern last September and as soon as I read her post I knew I would make some this fall. They were so easy to do that I was able to sew three leaves in less than one hour.

Have you made fabric leaves too?


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Fallen Leaves Quilt


Click on the picture to enlarge.

First, I would like to say that my absence from the blogging world during the last two weeks was unintentional. A family matter required my full attention and time.

Today, I would like to present you my Fallen Leaves quilt. I am very proud of this piece. The inspiration to use wool for the top came to me suddenly one day and I like the texture this material gives to the quilt. You can read more about the making of it here, in a post I wrote before I started embellishing it.

The appliqués were made from scraps of polyester fabric. I did not apply fusible interfacing underneath my appliqués, as I sometime do when working with fraying fabric. I regretted it. I cut many loose threads while stitching and embroidering the appliqués, and it seems that they just kept coming back. I really should have taken the time to iron some interfacing. It would have saved me many scissors manipulation.

The embroidery was done with embroidery floss. I chose colors that match the wool as I wanted a “soft uniformity”. And as you can see, I sew many beads. They add so much texture and visual interest, I find. I think that the centre is my favorite part of this quilt.


See, the centre does not look crooked anymore!


Each quadrant has its golden-beige diamond.


Colorful maple leaves are a must in fall.


Three wooden beads and a little leave in the corner.




I hope you enjoyed looking at my Fallen Leaves quilt… Maybe as much as I enjoyed making it… Which part do you prefer?


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