Lavender for the Baby Quilt

Lavender for the Baby - quilt - France Nadeaulavender-baby-quilt

This Lavander for the Baby quilt was sewn and quilted with the sewing machine. The lavender was embroidered by hand. It measures 23″ by 25″. I used leftover cotton from my very first quilt (pink) and two fat quarters. I started working on it without having a pattern in mind. I first repeated a block I had made with the same cotton and sewn unto a greeting card. This rectangle block features embroidered lavender surrounded by little squares. (I will tell you more about that card next Friday.) After that, I decided to make more rectangles (but plain) and little stripes.

For the quilting, I wanted white embroidery. To make it more girly and more interesting. So I started by using the same stitch I used for the greeting card, on the lavender block and around every rectangles and stripes. Then I thought that adding little flowers would beautify the plain and somewhat boring rectangles. All that embroidery was done with my Janome Quilting/Decor.


I am quite happy with the result and I think that the back it not looking bad either! It is the first time that I am using leftovers to make the backing of a quilt. I usually save the bits and pieces for appliqués projects. I do not know what happened to me that day, but I am not sorry to have used what I usually considered too precious to be put on the back of a quilt. But I usually make quilts destined to be hanged on a wall, where the back is not displayed. I now realise that a beautiful backing enhance the whole look of a quilt that will be used as a… quilt (the original use of a quilt, that is).


This is the lavender block I also made for a greeting card.


I enjoyed so much making this quilt that I am thinking about writing a pattern. And making more quilts out of it. In different colors and with different embroidery patterns. What do you think?


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Three Bags, One Pattern


This is a bag I love using in the summer. I made it out of an old pair of jeans. The machine-embroidered lines create a patchwork effect. The hand-stitched lavender stems add a subtle and elegant decoration. The white lining gives the bag a fresh and bright look.

As the fabric was well-worn jeans, hand embroidery was easy to make, which is not always the case with this fabric. New and thick jeans can be hard on the fingers. I love embroidering lavender and the colors coordinate so well with the faded blue. I always use the chain stitch and the stem stitch. Easy and fast.


All the bags in this post are made from the same pattern I created two years ago. They measure 3 1/2″ x 5″ x 8″. Until now, the pattern was in reality a few lines drawn on a piece of paper with some measurements next to them. I am working on a more professional version of the pattern. I rapidly found out that working on a bag pattern is a lot of work, but I hope to be soon able to offer it to you. In the meantime, I will posts different versions of the bag. And continue to think about a suitable name. Here are two specimens,  looking quite different from the lavender and jeans bag:




They were made with leftover fabric I used for summer clothes. I am always amazed by what we can do with some scraps. Unfortunately, I realised after assembling those two that the fabric was not thick enough to prevent the bags from collapsing. I should have used batting. Well… it was too late. I think they still look pretty, though. I use them to store my in-progress hexagone projects.  When I am in the mood to work on my hexies, I just grab the bag and bring it to a comfortable chair. I stitched by hand the flower appliqués but stitched the decorative lines with my wonderful Janome Quilting/Decor.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my bags that do not have a name yet. Thank you for stopping by!


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