Pattern for Lavender Embroidery

Embroidery pattern for lavender -

Lavender. What a heavenly smelling plant. You brush the leaves with your hand and its fragrance fills the air. I created the above motif years ago. I first used it to make embroidered cards and bookmarks that I was selling. Then, I started to use it on fabric. Here are a few examples:

Lavender embroidery on small handbag - France NadeauLavender for the Baby - quilt - France NadeauLavender Small Handbag - recycled jeans - pattern at francenadeau.comLavender embroidery - quilted card - France Nadeau

My Lavender Sachets tutorial¬†being one of the most popular of my free patterns on Crafsty, I thought that you may like to have the pattern for this embroidery. I had it on paper but had no trouble to draw it on computer. You can find a pdf version of this pattern on my web site. This is a bilingual pattern, written in English and in French. Please let me know if you use the pattern… I would love to hear about it and maybe see a picture! ūüôā


Small Handbag - tag with lavender - France Nadeau

Small Handbag – Lavender along the fence

Small Handbag with lavender - pattern at francenadeau.comThis is a Small Handbag I have made as a Christmas gift for my mother. The front is decorated with a machine-quilted fence and hand-embroidered lavender. The outside is made from jeans and the inside from Indian cotton.Small Handbag - Lavender along the fence - pattern at francenadeau.comThe back has a tag dangling from the handle. With tiny stems of lavender and the initial of my mother’s first name… Claudine. I was lucky enough to find this ribbon in my basket of bits and pieces. A brown ribbon that coordinates perfectly with the cotton.Small Handbag - side of the bag - pattern at francenadeau.comAnd beautiful wooden beads, also in the same shades of brown. I decorated the tag and the sides of the bag with these. As well as the inside edge of the bag. Below¬†is the lavender motif I have created and have been using for years. On cardboard and on fabric alike.Lavender embroidery on small handbag - France Nadeau

The pattern for this Small Handbag is available in my Craftsy Pattern Store, in French and in English. Please note that the pattern is for the handbag itself and not for the embroidery and the various decorations, although I indicate in the pattern when the embellishments should be added. Like quilting, embroidery, ribbons and beads.


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Small handbags - sewing pattern at


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Lavender for the Baby Quilt at the Blogger’s Quilt Festival

Lavender for the Baby - quilt - France Nadeau

This post is about a quilt I have entered in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival Spring 2015. I have decided to participate after reading a post written by Lara from BuzzinBumble. She writes that the Festival is more about community and sharing than about competition. I can only agree. And thank her for writing those words that prompted me into action.

Here are the important dates regarding this Blogger’s Quilt Festival Spring 2015:

May 15-21 Entries

May 22-29 Votes

May 30 Winners announced

I have entered my Lavender for the Baby quilt in the Small Quilt category. It measures 58,5 x 63,5 cm / 23″ x 25″. This quilt was embroidered by hand (the lavender), pieced with the sewing machine and quilted with my precious Janome Quilt/Decor (using two different stitches). The binding was sewn on the front with a sewing machine and sewn on the back by hand. A fun and opportunistic use of different techniques!

Lavender for the Baby quilt -

A view from the side

Lavender for the Baby quilt -

The front – made with red and green fat quarters and a bigger piece of pink cotton

Lavender for the Baby quilt -

Little flowers made by my sewing machine – faster than hand embroidery

Lavender for the Baby quilt -

The back – made with leftover fabric

Lavender for the Baby quilt -

The lavender – hand embroidery

I hope you will enjoy looking at the many quilts of the various categories. I will for sure. Happy Blogger’s Quilt Festival Spring 2015 and do not forget to vote!


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Lavender bush - France Nadeau

One of my lavender bushes – heavenly fragrance

Lavender for the Baby quilt -

The quilt in a roll – with lavender stems and a rose

Lavender Sachets





This post is a tutorial on how to make these little sachets to preserve the heavenly smell of lavender.


  • Transparent white fabric: tulle, gauze, etc.
  • White sewing thread
  • Color sewing thread to decorate the sachet, if you wish
  • Lavender


Cut two 10.2 cm / 4‚ÄĚ squares in your fabric. Place the squares back to back and keep into place with pins.

Sew all around with a straight stitch and a white thread, at a distance of 1.3 cm / 1/2‚ÄĚ from the edges, leaving a 3.8 cm / 1 1/2‚ÄĚ gap.


Insert lavender inside the sachet. Push the lavender to the side farthest from the gap and sew a straight line to close the gap.

Sew over the straight stitch with a decorative stitch, using white or color thread. Push the lavender away from the stitching line to avoid stitching through the flowers.


Printable versions of this tutorial can be found on my web site, in English and in French.


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