Found Object: Orange Fingerless Gloves

Orange Fingerless Gloves -

Those two gloves were found a few days ago in my oldest son’s bedroom. Things tend to disappear in children’s bedrooms. I have knitted them when he was about 6 years old, some 8 years ago. I was happy to have them back and tuck them safely away, in case they are needed in the future.

Orange Fingerless Gloves - francenadeau.comOrange Fingerless Gloves - francenadeau.comOrange Fingerless Gloves -

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A Shrug for Christmas

Knitted shrug - shrug - shrug - shrug - shrug - shrug - shrug -

I was delighted to receive a gorgeous shrug for Christmas. Knitted by my mother. The yarn is a mix of acrylic, wool, alpaca, polyester and viscose. Very soft and luxurious. To be washed by hand… I definitely do not want to felt it (as I did with my Algaca Beanie). My mother expressively explained to me how to take care of it. I am sure my mistake will be a running joke for years and years. lol

I am not sure how to name the color of this yarn… Dark plum? I found that this particular color is very hard to photograph in the winter light. The ground is covered by snow and the light has a definite sharpness. After many trials and errors, I found that shiny white polyester, light beige, grey and black is the combination that allow me to capture the real color.

Being warm and cozy, this shrug is perfect when reading during the cold season. To read well through the night…


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Knitted shrug -

My First Knitted Baby Clothes – Sweater and jump suit

My first knitted baby clothes - sweater and pants - My first knitted baby clothes - sweater and pants - My first knitted baby clothes - sweater and pants - My first knitted baby clothes - sweater and pants - My first knitted baby clothes - sweater and pants -

These sweater and jump suit are the very first clothes I  have knitted. This was 20 years ago. When yarn began to attract me. You may feel that attraction yourself. You walk innocently on a sidewalk when you realise you just passed a yarn store. Your feet are directing you to the entrance even before you made a conscious decision to enter. Once inside, you see and touch the sweetest and softest yarn. And while going through the magazines you find the perfect pattern for that yarn!


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