Jeans Bag with Blue Flowers

Jeans Bag with Blue Flowers -

This is a summer bag I have just made with an old pair of jeans. I used the back pockets to make a coin purse.

Jeans Bag with Blue Flowers -

A used the already hemmed legs of the jeans. I simply sewed the two legs together. That gave me two already-made sections. Very easy.

Jeans Bag with Blue Flowers -

As a bonus, this method created a third section, between the two legs. This is where I sew the shoulder strap.

Jeans Bag with Blue Flowers -

I embellished one side with machine-sewn appliqués. The stem is a string that was in my box of bits and pieces. The leaves and the petals are made from polyester scraps. The centres of the flowers are made with the same jeans fabric.

Jeans Bag with Blue Flowers -

The appliqués were sewn with a zig-zag stitch. (You can click on the pictures and zoom to see the details.) For the shoulder strap, I sew two layers of jeans together. First with a straight stitch and then with a blanket stitch. The appliqués on the strap sit on the shoulder.

Jeans Bag with Blue Flowers -

This is the coin purse I have made with the two back pockets. I cut the fabric about 1/2″ around the pockets and sew them, wrong sides together, by hand. The real pockets are perfect for paper money and cards.

Jeans Bag with Blue Flowers -

I even used the zipper that were on the jeans to close the coin purse. I did not bother with any finishing touch in the inside because jeans does not fray much. There is not much left of the old pair of jeans, let me tell you!

Thank you for visiting. I hope you are enjoying warm weather.


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Small Handbag – Lavender along the fence

Small Handbag with lavender - pattern at francenadeau.comThis is a Small Handbag I have made as a Christmas gift for my mother. The front is decorated with a machine-quilted fence and hand-embroidered lavender. The outside is made from jeans and the inside from Indian cotton.Small Handbag - Lavender along the fence - pattern at francenadeau.comThe back has a tag dangling from the handle. With tiny stems of lavender and the initial of my mother’s first name… Claudine. I was lucky enough to find this ribbon in my basket of bits and pieces. A brown ribbon that coordinates perfectly with the cotton.Small Handbag - side of the bag - pattern at francenadeau.comAnd beautiful wooden beads, also in the same shades of brown. I decorated the tag and the sides of the bag with these. As well as the inside edge of the bag. Below is the lavender motif I have created and have been using for years. On cardboard and on fabric alike.Lavender embroidery on small handbag - France Nadeau

The pattern for this Small Handbag is available in my Craftsy Pattern Store, in French and in English. Please note that the pattern is for the handbag itself and not for the embroidery and the various decorations, although I indicate in the pattern when the embellishments should be added. Like quilting, embroidery, ribbons and beads.


Small Handbag – Cascading blue flowers

Small Handbag with blue flowers - pattern at

Small Handbag with blue flowers - pattern at

Little blue flowers cascading over the front of the small handbag. Blue petals growing along pale-green stems, passing over a fence in order to adorn both sides with its delicate beauty.

Small Handbag - tag - France Nadeau

Small Handbag - side of the bag - France Nadeau

Small Handbag - embroidered blue flowers - France Nadeau

Exterior made with dark blue jeans. Interior made with Indian cotton. Embellished with pale blue thread, blue and green embroidery floss, coordinated ribbon and dark blue beads. Pattern available, both in French and in English, in my Craftsy Pattern Store. Please note that the pattern is for the bag itself and not for the various embellishments (though the detailed instructions indicate when exactly the decorations should be added).

I have made this Small Handbag for my sister, for last Christmas. I am happy to write that it was well received. Thank you for visiting,



Jeans-Leg Baskets

This post is about baskets I have made from old jeans. I first saw jeans baskets at Threading My Way. Pam, the lady hosting this blog, is talented in recycling and repurposing and has posted a few times about using jeans legs for making baskets. I did not follow her method but she inspired me into making these as Christmas gifts.


I had a few old jeans that my sister has given me after her son grew out of them. My sons always refused to wear them. They never wear jeans. Supposedly, jeans are very uncomfortable. Compared to cotton cargos and sport clothes. Anyway, I had the pile and certainly did not want to throw them away. When I saw Pam’s baskets last autumn, I decided to do the same. And to offer them to the previous owner.


So, I took three jeans and made six baskets. I offered two to my nephew on Christmas’ Eve and explained were the fabric came from. After reassurances that these were from his old jeans indeed, and not ones I stole from his closet, he looked happy to have them back. Then, I gave two baskets to his father. Everyone found it quite funny. A few minutes later, I gave the last two to my nephew’s grandfather–my father. By then, everybody was laughing and making jokes about having a piece of the young man’s jeans. Who knew that seeing a post about recycling jeans into baskets could leads to such a merry moment?


On a more serious note, I cut the leg and sew it without opening the seams. I folded the leg, back to back, by inserting one end inside the leg until this end reached the other opening. I simply sewed both ends together, creating the bottom of the basket. I then sewed this bottom to create a square bottom, sewing through four layers of jeans. I attached the tips of the triangles to the bottom with small straight lines. By then, I was sewing through six layers of jeans. (And broke two needles.) Of course, we see the unfinished edges if we look inside the basket. I thought it was neat enough and left it like that. The last step was to fold the top toward the outside to make a nice thick edge.

I am certain that I will make more leg baskets in the future. With jeans or other fabrics. Thank you, Pam!


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