Bat and Cat





Those two little pumpkin cross stitches adorn orange pillowcases. I made them a few years ago and every fall they find their way to my sons’ beds. I followed patterns in Better Homes and Garden 2001 Cross-Stitch Designs. I love this book. I first cross stitched the bat-and-pumpkin and the cat-and-pumpkin on pieces of burlap. They are small–about 1 1/2″ x 2″–and were stitched pretty fast. Then, I sew the burlap onto a 16″ square of orange fabric, at the centre. After, I cross stitched a frame of black and orange embroidery floss. Very simple: black x, orange x, black x, orange x, etc. Very, very fast. But big effect. Lastly, I trimmed the burlap at 1/4″ from the frame on all sides. Even though they went into the washing machine countless times, the cross stitch still looks as new and there was never any fraying floss and burlap thread. I never though that both would be that sturdy but can only be happy about that. As well as my two boys!


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Fallen Leaves Quilt


Click on the picture to enlarge.

First, I would like to say that my absence from the blogging world during the last two weeks was unintentional. A family matter required my full attention and time.

Today, I would like to present you my Fallen Leaves quilt. I am very proud of this piece. The inspiration to use wool for the top came to me suddenly one day and I like the texture this material gives to the quilt. You can read more about the making of it here, in a post I wrote before I started embellishing it.

The appliqués were made from scraps of polyester fabric. I did not apply fusible interfacing underneath my appliqués, as I sometime do when working with fraying fabric. I regretted it. I cut many loose threads while stitching and embroidering the appliqués, and it seems that they just kept coming back. I really should have taken the time to iron some interfacing. It would have saved me many scissors manipulation.

The embroidery was done with embroidery floss. I chose colors that match the wool as I wanted a “soft uniformity”. And as you can see, I sew many beads. They add so much texture and visual interest, I find. I think that the centre is my favorite part of this quilt.


See, the centre does not look crooked anymore!


Each quadrant has its golden-beige diamond.


Colorful maple leaves are a must in fall.


Three wooden beads and a little leave in the corner.




I hope you enjoyed looking at my Fallen Leaves quilt… Maybe as much as I enjoyed making it… Which part do you prefer?


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Making a Quilt Top with Wool


I am working on a quilt for fall. The top is made of wool in three different colors: golden beige, dark pink and burgundy. Those pieces of wools come from old skirts. The finished top is a square that measures 18 1/2″ (47 cm).


I have had these pieces of fabric for a long time on my shelves and one day I just took them and made triangles. The colors are somewhat dark but putting the golden beige in the centre brighten the whole. I really like those colors mixed together and decided to make four blocks. I then assembled them with simple stripes and squares. To equilibrate the colors, I finished it with more golden-beige wool.


Cutting wool is easy. Sewing the pieces together is equally easy. Ironing the seams, not so easy. I opened the seams to make them the least visible I can, but they are still tick underneath the top. As you can see, I was too lazy to iron the top before taking pictures. I avoid putting the iron directly on wool as it leaves marks. I usually use a wet cloth but I felt it was too bothersome at the moment. Anyway, I am adding embellishments and the creases will not show afterward. Yes, the centre square is a little crooked. No worries. I am stitching appliqués, sewing wooden beads and adding lots of embroidery. Nobody will notice how crooked it is.

I should be able to show you the finished fall quilt soon. Thank you for visiting,


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