Bunnies and Kitties – Sewing

Bunnies and kitties - sewing step

I found the patterns for these bunnies and kitties in an old magazine: Le Idee di Susanna, Febbraio 1998. I cut the forms into leftover fabrics and even into old clothes. Cotton, polyester, corduroy. Flowers and plaids.

Bunnies and kitties - sewing step

Bunnies and kitties - sewing step

The bunnies are 5 1/4″ tall and the kitties are 3 1/2″ tall. Cutting, sewing and filling is only the first step. They need embellishment and certainly physical details in form of eyes, noses and moustaches. More to come!


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Knitted owls


Cardinals blocks for my Winter Quilt

Cardinal blocks for my Winter Quilt

Blue bird abecedary

Blue Bird Abecedary


Cats and Dogs Playing with Christmas Decorations


A few years ago, one day when I was wandering between rows of cotton, I spotted gorgeous cats and dogs playing with Christmas decorations. It was the kind of fabric I had to buy right away. Even without any purpose in mind. It was too lovely. I could not take any chances. Maybe by the time I figured what to do with it, none would be left.  I bought 2 fat quarters of each animal.


Finally, I decided to make pillow covers for my sons. They have a 16″ square pillow insert each, on their bed, and I change the cover according to the season. For these holiday pillows, I simply hand quilted around the figures with a variegated hand-quilting thread in shades of greyish green, copper and mustard yellow (King Tut #954, to be precise). The quilting is subtile and if you wish to see it you will have to click on the image.


In any case, the quilting is not the star here. The fabric is what really catches the eyes. I am so glad it caught mine that day at the quilt store. I still love looking at it, every time I put them on my boy’s beds, each December. One year, the pillows even stayed there until March. Why not?


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Pillows for different occations:


Bat and Cat


Making Pillows with Old T-Shirts

Bat and Cat





Those two little pumpkin cross stitches adorn orange pillowcases. I made them a few years ago and every fall they find their way to my sons’ beds. I followed patterns in Better Homes and Garden 2001 Cross-Stitch Designs. I love this book. I first cross stitched the bat-and-pumpkin and the cat-and-pumpkin on pieces of burlap. They are small–about 1 1/2″ x 2″–and were stitched pretty fast. Then, I sew the burlap onto a 16″ square of orange fabric, at the centre. After, I cross stitched a frame of black and orange embroidery floss. Very simple: black x, orange x, black x, orange x, etc. Very, very fast. But big effect. Lastly, I trimmed the burlap at 1/4″ from the frame on all sides. Even though they went into the washing machine countless times, the cross stitch still looks as new and there was never any fraying floss and burlap thread. I never though that both would be that sturdy but can only be happy about that. As well as my two boys!


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