Flowers and Lace – A birthday card for my mother

Flowers and Lace -

To accompany the gift I have prepared for my mother’s birthday, I made this card.

Flowers and Lace -

The flowers and leaves were embroidered by hand (the technique is called form-a-line) on the green cardboard, which was afterward glued to a white cardboard card.

Flowers and Lace -

I could not resist adding a piece of vintage lace (I had it in my box of bits and pieces for about 30 years!) to create a shabby look. I passed through the holes of the lace a length of embroidery floss. Then, I added beads in groups of three. Three is definitely the theme number of this card…

Flowers and Lace -

I also attached to the gift one of the Sparkling Gift Tags I have made a few weeks ago. The flower on this tag is similar to the flowers on the card and I realised that I had use the very same beads on both. What a happy coincidence! To make them more alike, I applied black ink on the edges.

Flowers and Lace - francenadeau.comFlowers and Lace -

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Using old pants (and its pocket) to line a clutch - tutorial at

Using Old Pants (and its Pocket) to Line a Clutch

Scarves and clutch, for my mother and for myself -

Scarves and Clutches, for my Mother and for Myself

A Rose for My Mother


A rose for a birthday. A cross stitch made years ago. An old t-shirt in the perfect color for the background. A deep red ink pad. Some embroidery floss.


I removed a few strands on the edges of the Aida cloth and simply glued the rectangle unto the fabric, which has previously been glued to the cardboard.


I added a few splashes of red and white with embroidery floss. It is amazing what can be done with a few things when the colors coordinate so well.


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The Hen


The Lighthouse


 Mid-Summer Abecedary

Stone Temple Birthday Card


To make this Stone Temple Birthday Card, I used few materials: a blank card, a picture from an old agenda, embroidery floss, beads and ink pads. After coloring the edges of the card with light brown and dark brown ink, I glued the picture that I had previously cut (so it is slightly smaller than the card).

The photographer who took this picture made an excellent job. It seems that we are standing at some distance, facing the door. And when I placed the card on sand-colored linen fabric (a skirt, in fact), it looks like the temple was carved directly from the rock. Like some ancient Egyptian tomb, hidden in the desert.


Not being one to throw away the slightest scrap, if it is beautiful enough to be used, I glued inside the card the stripes I had cut from the picture. I ran the ink pads on the carboard to add color and depth. With the paving-stone pathway at the bottom, it looks like we are about to enter some mysterious room, which glows from an unknown source of light. (Now, that sounds like something Constable Crabtree would say to a what-are-you-talking-about Detective Murdoch. 😉 )


I then attached a piece of brown embroidery floss along the folded edge. I separated the strands and ran each of them through three beads. Just a little detail to complete the look.

On a side note, I feel compelled to mention that this is my 100th post. Not that it makes any difference in one’s life. But it is pleasant to reflect on the subject a few minutes. And feel proud. And happy to have met so many wonderful persons. Thank you for being part of my blogging journey!


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Pretty in Pink Birthday Card


Lavender Greeting Card



Big Hearts and Small Hearts – Embroidered Cards


Here are embroidered cards made with small and big hearts. The small hearts are embroidered first with two shades of the same color. Then, the big heart is embroidered with a third color, similar or contrasting. This is a fun and easy project that can be finished in a few hours. 


I have written a pattern for these hearts (one in French and one in English). The pattern includes detailed instructions, a piercing pattern (in actual size, ready to be used), embroidery schemas and pictures. It can be found in my Craftsy Pattern Store. I hope that you like my stitched hearts.


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Big Hearts and Small Hearts - stitching card - Pattern at


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