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Three little bibs made some 13 years ago. They are approximately 18 cm / 7″ wide. Perfect size for the infant starting to eat apple sauce. I have made them with polyester lining fabric. I always make bibs with lining because it is so easy to clean. You just wipe them clean with a wet cloth or run them under water. The red and the green bias are polyester while the ivory bias is cotton. Those little bibs are so small that they can be made of little scraps laying around. If I remember well, I have used a pattern found in the magazine Le Idee de Susanna.

Looking back at the stitches, it looks like I had some difficulties following the curving shape of the bib. And even following the straight edge of the bias. I must have been in a hurry, working during a baby nap. 😉


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Granny-Square Cape -

Butterflies in the Garden quilt

Sweet Girl Sweater - Crochet - free pattern at


My First Knitted Baby Clothes – Sweater and jump suit

My first knitted baby clothes - sweater and pants - My first knitted baby clothes - sweater and pants - My first knitted baby clothes - sweater and pants - My first knitted baby clothes - sweater and pants - My first knitted baby clothes - sweater and pants -

These sweater and jump suit are the very first clothes I  have knitted. This was 20 years ago. When yarn began to attract me. You may feel that attraction yourself. You walk innocently on a sidewalk when you realise you just passed a yarn store. Your feet are directing you to the entrance even before you made a conscious decision to enter. Once inside, you see and touch the sweetest and softest yarn. And while going through the magazines you find the perfect pattern for that yarn!


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First ever knitting project -

My First Ever Knitting Project

My first (and imperfect) quilt -

My First (and Imperfect) Quilt


My First Paper-Pieced Blocks

My first paper-piecing pattern

My First Paper-Piecing Pattern

Cardinal and Red Berries Quilt -

My First Free-Motion Quilting



Brick-Wall Blanket – A picture-and-chart-only tutorial

Brick-Wall Blanket - crochet tutorial at francenadeau.comBrick-Wall Blanket - crochet tutorial at francenadeau.comBrick-Wall Blanket - crochet tutorial at francenadeau.comI have made this Brick-Wall Blanket with leftover baby yarn. Most of the blanket was made with the double-crochet stitch. The rest is a combination of chain stitch, slip stitch and single crochet for a lacy border. And more double crochets for a finishing touch of scallops. Below is a picture of a chart I have draw for this Brick-Wall Blanket. The printable picture-and-chart-only tutorial can be found here.

Here are other blankets I have made with the same yarn. Plus a cape. In fact, all those projects were crocheted with the same yarn balls. Four big balls. I think I am ready for a change of colors… (You can click on the pictures to read about them.)

Granny-Square Cape -          Narcissus Baby Blanket -          Juicy-Fruit Afghan -          Tricolor Baby Blanket -


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Brick-Wall Blanket - crochet tutorial at francenadeau.comBrick-Wall Blanket - crochet tutorial at

Knitted and Crocheted Dress Tops


Lately, I have been seeing many pictures of dresses made with crocheted or knitted tops and fabrics bottoms. I do not want to copy those pictures here in my post but if you go to my Pinterest “crochet et tricot” board (crochet and knitting), you will see a few of these pictures. I find those little girls dresses so cute that my hands started itching for yarn.

I did not want to replicate the dresses I have seen and wanted to make my own design. I certainly did not want to copy the creator, though I could not say who is the first person to have made such a dress. If you know the answer, please let me know.

As I had not used knitting needles for some time, I decided to knit the top. I made two. A white and pink top for a 1 year-old girl and a blue and green top for a 2 years-old girl. Once the knitting and the assembling was done, I decided to make a contrasting border in crochet. I love knitting but there nothing like a crochet hook to add a fast and pretty finish to a piece.


The pink and the green borders are basically identical: one row of single crochets and a row a scallops (three double crochets). For the smaller version, I added picot stitches all around. I think they add even more cuteness to the pink border.


Bellow is an explanation on how I make the picot stitch. I made this image last January when writing the pattern for my Picot Fingerless Gloves. You can find free patterns and tutorials on my web site.


The front and the back are identical and I only assembled the sides. Now I have to sew some fabric to make them dresses. Again, if you know who invented the first yarn and fabric girl dress (or the right name), please tell me. I would like to contact this person and say how much I love those dresses. Thank you,


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