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Sweet Summer Scarf - francenadeau.com

I have recently posted flowers with pointed petals that I have made following a tutorial that can be found here, written by Anabelia Craft Design. I used three colors that gave me the following combinations:

Joyous Flower with Pointed PetalsJoyous Flower with Pointed PetalsJoyous Flower with Pointed PetalsJoyous Flower with Pointed PetalsJoyous Flower with Pointed PetalsJoyous Flower with Pointed Petals

I must admit I had to think hard on how to place those flowers to form the Sweet Summer Scarf. For many days. As the flowers have five petals, it was like a puzzle for me. I actually had to lay them on a table and rearranged them in any possible ways I could think of.

Then I had to decide how to join them. More reflexion. It is the first time I am joining something that is not a square. My reflexion took me to Pinterest. I saw beautiful and intricate joining but decided that a basic chain stitch would be the safest for a first time.Sweet Summer Scarf - francenadeau.com

Once they were all joined, I realised that it would be best if I make some “joining” on the outside too. To create a straight border. More chain stitches.Sweet Summer Scarf - francenadeau.com

After, I crocheted a border of double crochets that looked like the petals, but in green. They looked like leaves. It was beautiful. But I ran out of green yarn some 10″ from the end. Well. That happens. I put the scarf down, to sleep on it. (I did not take any pictures, though.) A few days later, I undid the leaves. They were adding to much weight on the sides, anyway. I started on an other border. A much simple one, featuring picots. In the end, this border is more appropriate. It does not impair the lightness of the scarf.

The Sweet Summer Scarf is not very long: 108 cm / 42 1/2″. And not very wide, either: 18 cm / 7″. Just perfect for the shoulders of a five-years-old girl.


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Sweet Summer Scarf - francenadeau.comSweet Summer Scarf - francenadeau.comSweet Summer Scarf - francenadeau.com


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6 thoughts on “Sweet Summer Scarf

  1. You can’t imagine how happy it makes me to know that I was useful for you 🙂
    What a beautiful and cheerful colors you’ve chosen for your niece scarf! I think you should be very proud of your work, specially in the way you joined the 5-petals flowers!! It’s really delicious. Congratulations!! 🙂 Thank you very much for this kind feedback. Please, let me share this beautiful scarf in my networks. Have a lovely weekend!

    • Thank you, Anabelia! Your compliments make my day! 🙂 I find your work very inspiring and I absolutely had to share your blog address as you own the credits for creating such a beautiful flower. I encourage everyone to make at least one. Also, I’m pleased to read that you wish to share my scarf. Thank you! (Is it possible to make one’s day twice?)

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