Strawberry Bookmark


This post really represent summer. Strong sun. Strawberries. Lavender. Summer reading. The joy of reading next to a bush of lavender in full bloom, with a bowl of sweet and perfectly ripe strawberries. From time to time, passing a hand through the flowers to gather their lovely smell. Reading a few chapters, day dreaming, reading some more. Placing a beautiful bookmark between the pages.





I finished this bookmark last year using the cross stitch and following a pattern from a magazine. I had started it two years before. It was a work of patience, making tiny crosses with two threads, trying to follow the many color changes in such a dense pattern. But one day, it was done. I was happy to have completed it and I really love how it turned out.


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9 thoughts on “Strawberry Bookmark

  1. The first time I saw your bookmark I thought the strawberries were printed on fabric. Then I saw the texture and… your bookmark is absolutely beautiful!

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