Small Handbag – Lavender along the fence

Small Handbag with lavender - pattern at francenadeau.comThis is a Small Handbag I have made as a Christmas gift for my mother. The front is decorated with a machine-quilted fence and hand-embroidered lavender. The outside is made from jeans and the inside from Indian cotton.Small Handbag - Lavender along the fence - pattern at francenadeau.comThe back has a tag dangling from the handle. With tiny stems of lavender and the initial of my mother’s first name… Claudine. I was lucky enough to find this ribbon in my basket of bits and pieces. A brown ribbon that coordinates perfectly with the cotton.Small Handbag - side of the bag - pattern at francenadeau.comAnd beautiful wooden beads, also in the same shades of brown. I decorated the tag and the sides of the bag with these. As well as the inside edge of the bag. Below is the lavender motif I have created and have been using for years. On cardboard and on fabric alike.Lavender embroidery on small handbag - France Nadeau

The pattern for this Small Handbag is available in my Craftsy Pattern Store, in French and in English. Please note that the pattern is for the handbag itself and not for the embroidery and the various decorations, although I indicate in the pattern when the embellishments should be added. Like quilting, embroidery, ribbons and beads.


18 thoughts on “Small Handbag – Lavender along the fence

  1. What a stunning bag! Your mother will be thrilled to receive this…Such meticulous work, and beautiful embroidery. When I saw it, I instantly thought of a lupin version…our lupins here in Nova Scotia are currently in full bloom! Loved seeing your project – it is beautiful.

    • Thank you, Andrea! Lupins would indeed be stunning. A little harder to embroider, though. lol It’s a nice coincidence of you mentioning lupins. My mother grows lupins in her yard, from seeds I bought in a trip to PEI many years ago. She told me the other day that she will give me a plant of those for my garden. I’ll have a specimen to study at close range, then, to turn into embroidery. 🙂

  2. France, your bag is beautiful. The embroidery is perfect for the design and I love that it’s made from denim. Your mother must love it. Wonderful gift!

    • Thank you, Ramona! Yes, she loved it. 🙂 Denim is perfect for bags: strong and sturdy. My son learned at school that it takes about 1200 litre of water to produce a pair of jeans… An other good reason to recycle them instead of putting them in the garbage can, isn’t it?

  3. Very nice bag. I have been saving old pairs of jeans for a few years now and have been trying to decided what to do with the material. Love this. The embroidered work sets it off. 🙂

    • Thank you, Krystal! I love making bags with jeans as the fabric is thick and sturdy. So many things can be done with it. The hard part is often to decide what… 😉 I’m happy that you like my little embroidery.

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