Small Handbag – Cascading blue flowers

Small Handbag with blue flowers - pattern at

Small Handbag with blue flowers - pattern at

Little blue flowers cascading over the front of the small handbag. Blue petals growing along pale-green stems, passing over a fence in order to adorn both sides with its delicate beauty.

Small Handbag - tag - France Nadeau

Small Handbag - side of the bag - France Nadeau

Small Handbag - embroidered blue flowers - France Nadeau

Exterior made with dark blue jeans. Interior made with Indian cotton. Embellished with pale blue thread, blue and green embroidery floss, coordinated ribbon and dark blue beads. Pattern available, both in French and in English, in my Craftsy Pattern Store. Please note that the pattern is for the bag itself and not for the various embellishments (though the detailed instructions indicate when exactly the decorations should be added).

I have made this Small Handbag for my sister, for last Christmas. I am happy to write that it was well received. Thank you for visiting,



24 thoughts on “Small Handbag – Cascading blue flowers

  1. Such a lovely bag! Love the embroidery! I’m featuring the bag on my blog. Thank you for linking up with the Handmade Café link party.

  2. You express yourself so beautifully France.
    This is another very lovely embroidery embellishment and a beautiful Purse! Your sister must love having it!

    • Thank you, Lara, for your compliments! I always find that sort of embroidery project very enjoyable and I almost wish I kept the bag for myself. 🙂

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