There is a blog called scrappassion that I particularly love. The lady hosting it has an infinite amount of ideas for book covers, cards and boxes. The site is not in English, nor in French, nor in any language I can decipher, but the images are plentiful and beautiful.

I was inspired by her work and decided to embelish one of my sketchbooks. I used a picture from an old diary, bits of ribbons, paper flowers and beads. This sketchbook is dedicated for zentangle drawing and the stained glass window gives a similar effect.

The result pleased me.

Sketchbook – Scrapbooking

My sister’s birthday was a few days away and I went deeper into my stash of bits and pieces. Again, I found a nice picture in my pile of pictures that comes from magazines, diaries, calendars, etc. (I know that this is something many people do, or used to do before Pinterest. One never know when they may come handy…) I selected matching white, grey, black and pink paper, ribons, flowers and letters. And some sparkling silver beads, for an added shining effect. What woman wouldn’t like that?

Again, the result pleased me. Quite a lot. Being a birthday present, I also made a box. And then I thought about a bookmark. Every book needs a bookmark, no? I made two. Just in case a second would be useful. I also made a few tags, to make sure people know they are hers. Who doesn’t like to receive personalised items? I may have gotten carried away but that was certainly a gift I was proud to give!


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Sketchbook – Scrapbooking

Front of the box – Scrapbooking

Back of the box – Scrapbooking

Details on the box – Scrapbooking

Tag – Scrapbooking

Sketchbook birthday gift – Scrapbooking

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