Scrappy Pouches (sewing)

Scrappy Pouches (sewing) - francenadeau.comScrappy Pouches (sewing) -

Tubakk inspired me with her denim pouches. They have been on my project-I-really-should-make list for some time. I finally indulged just before Christmas. They are made from old clothes. Yes, the flowery fabric too! They were dresses I sew in the mid 90s. 🙂 You may know, the flowery country dress involving four panels on the front and four panels on the back, and lots and lots of fabric.  They were very comfy dresses—100% soft cotton. The pouches were padded with two layers of an old flannel sheet.

Scrappy Pouches (sewing) - francenadeau.comScrappy Pouches (sewing) - francenadeau.comScrappy Pouches (sewing) - francenadeau.comScrappy Pouches (sewing) -


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2 thoughts on “Scrappy Pouches (sewing)

  1. So fun! If you wash them in the washing machine and let them go into the tumble drier, they are even more beautiful. I love that you use old textiles.

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