Pretty in Pink Birthday Card


This is a birthday card I made for my sister–her birthday was last week. I have a shoe box full of already made cards and I chose one I have made in 2008, using the Iris Folding method.


I wanted to personalise the card, so I added embroidery stitches all around the petals, the stem and the leave, with the chain stitch.


Then I added a row of lazy daisy stitches. You may have noticed that I chose my colors for the thread amid the colors of the paper I used for the Iris Folding. I was striking for harmony and I think I reached my goal.


I realise now, looking at the pictures, that there is a white empty space on top of the card. A space where I could have written or embroidered a few words. Bonne fête, for example. Well, too late for that! You can find printables tutorials for the chain stitch and the lazy daisy stitches on my web site, in French and in English.


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16 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink Birthday Card

    • Translation: “Very beautiful flower! Thank you for participating in the project handmade cafe!”

      My reply: Thank you! For your compliment and for taking the time to visit!

  1. Wow, France! That is a pretty amazing and time consuming birthday card. I think the empty space gives it appeal and keeps the eye from being distracted away from your wonderful flower.

      • Thank you so much, Marcy! I’m not sure I will stitch again around an Iris Folding as I had to pull away the edges to poke holes… and after stitching, use some glue to keep them back in place. But maybe I will, as I like the texture the thread added.
        I’m looking forward to your Around the World Blog Hop post, next Monday!

    • Thank you, Lara! “Rose” was the color of the day (this is the French word for pink). This is the first time I’m seeing the word “rosey”. I like this word. 😉

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