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Pink Clutch - tutorial at francenadeau.comAfter altering a dress to make a top and a scarf, I decided to make a clutch. Not only I still have plenty of this pink-with-off-white-embroidered-flowers fabric, but I love looking at it. Pink Clutch - tutorial at francenadeau.comI did not have any matching ribbon or cord. I looked at my crochet threads and found the perfect off-white thread. I made a chain of chain stitches, long enough to easily pass my hand through when it is folded in two. I then crocheted scallops (made of three double crochets) on each side of the chain.Pink Clutch - tutorial at francenadeau.comAs for the top and the scarf, I added small white beads that I sew in groups of three. What you see on top of the clutch is a corner of the scarf. (Unfortunately, we do not see them clearly on the picture. Shiny beads on slightly shiny polyester is not easy to photograph.)Pink Clutch - tutorial at francenadeau.comTo make this clutch, I followed my own tutorial, that I have written last year, after making a white clutch. The printable tutorial can be found on my web site. I would not use the clutch with the top itself but with the scarf. I think those two accessories would look fabulous with black, grey or jeans. With what color would you use it?

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8 thoughts on “Pink Clutch

  1. i had to stop by to see what you are creating. The pink ensemble is beautiful. Yes, I agree. The clutch and scarf together. It’s lovely pink fabric and the crochet zipper pull is perfect. It’s much nicer than ribbon.

    • Thank you, Marcy! I’m happy to read your words of appreciation. In fact, it’s not a zipper pull but a cord for the wrist. But, your idea of making such a zipper pull is excellent. I’ll keep that in mind for the future… Thanks! 🙂

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