Picot Fingerless Gloves

picot-fingerless-glovesHere in Canada, January means snow and very cold weather. Which means cold hands. One can always warm one’s fingers around a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, but holding a cup during the whole day is not practical. So I picked up some yarn and crochet hooks and set to work. I chained, added single crochets, picot stitches and then double crochets.



The first yarn I picked was black. I didn’t have enough left for two gloves, but enough for two fingerless gloves. I thought: “Why not, fingerless gloves are always handy!” You can wear it outside beneath regular gloves that are not warm enough. You can wear it inside, in places that are always cold (like a skating arena). You can wear it at home when your hands are too cold for manual work (there is nothing worse than crocheting or knitting with cold hands…). In no time, I had two nice hand warmers.



I then picked a nice cotton beige yarn, that was once a child sweater. I loved so much knitting with that yarn that I could not part with it when the sweater became too small to wear. I slowly unraveled it. I like to unravel sweaters. “What a crazy thing to do!”, you may think. Of course, it takes some time to undo a sweater. (Even more if the threads got tangled, which often happens in my case…) But in the end you have a ball of yarn ready to be crocheted or knitted; you didn’t have to go to the store, you didn’t have to pay for it and you didn’t have to put in the garbage (in my opinion, it would have been a shame to throw away good yarn).

And again, in no time, I had two more hand warmers. I made a pattern that is available for free on my web site so you can also warm some hands. With new or recycled yarn… In my pattern, you will find instructions on how to make the picot stitch and on how to make bigger or smaller gloves, to warm bigger or smaller hands.


Free pattern on my web site



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