Pattern for Lavender Embroidery

Embroidery pattern for lavender -

Lavender. What a heavenly smelling plant. You brush the leaves with your hand and its fragrance fills the air. I created the above motif years ago. I first used it to make embroidered cards and bookmarks that I was selling. Then, I started to use it on fabric. Here are a few examples:

Lavender embroidery on small handbag - France NadeauLavender for the Baby - quilt - France NadeauLavender Small Handbag - recycled jeans - pattern at francenadeau.comLavender embroidery - quilted card - France Nadeau

My Lavender Sachets tutorial being one of the most popular of my free patterns on Crafsty, I thought that you may like to have the pattern for this embroidery. I had it on paper but had no trouble to draw it on computer. You can find a pdf version of this pattern on my web site. This is a bilingual pattern, written in English and in French. Please let me know if you use the pattern… I would love to hear about it and maybe see a picture! 🙂


Small Handbag - tag with lavender - France Nadeau

4 thoughts on “Pattern for Lavender Embroidery

  1. This is such a sweet pattern France and I can imagine it embroidered on so many different things. I love it on your bag and mini quilt! Amalia’s idea for a sachet is fun too! Our lavender is in bloom right now and I should go pick and dry some of it.

    • I’m happy to read that you like it, Lara! You, who showed a beautiful red work on your blog. An embroidery very beautifully framed, too! 🙂

    • Thank you Amalia! Well, I never used it for a sachet. That’s strange. Your comment pointed that out. I’m glad you visited and took the time to write a few words. I’ve added the lavender-embroidered lavender sachet to my list of idea. Thanks!
      Now, I’m off to your blog to see what is your latest beautiful creation…

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