I first saw knitted owls at Patchouli Moon Studio. Daryl has made beautiful owls and I could not resist making a few myself. When I started my first one, I struggled many minutes with my needles as I had not knitted in a round with four needles for some time. And the pattern starts with only 6 stitches. To divide on three needles. Not easy. While attempting to start the project properly, without success, I had an increasing urge to throw everything away. Needles and stitches kept slipping in the wrong direction and twisting. I simply was not able to join after the casting. After a calming breath, I decided to divide the 6 stitches on two needles only and to add the third during the next row. This idea saved the project.

Once started, the owl took me two hours only to make (knitting only). One per evening. Five days later, I had five owls. A Christmas gift for my 4 years-old niece. I am happy to report that she was delighted.


I added a little handle on top (with a crochet hook), so the owl can be carried or hanged, which was not in the pattern. I used old t-shirts for the eyes and sew them by hand. I embroidered the nose and ears by hand with yarn (the ears are also an addition I have made to the pattern).

While making the owls you can see above, my two sons expressed a wish to have one too. To be made in specific colors, if you please. I rummaged in my scraps and managed to follow their wishes. They were added to their Christmas stockings.


The pattern was written by Jenna Krupar and you can find it here for free.


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22 thoughts on “Owls

  1. France your owls came out darling. I like that you made them your own too with the hanging crochet piece. Those would look great all hung in a tree! I think I may have done the same thing as you did by knitting on 2 needles for the first row and then using more needles. Once you get going they are easy. Glad you stuck with it because they as so cute.

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