Not a Sweet Bunny – Work in Progress

Not a sweet bunny - in progress - crochet - France Nadeau

I am working on an unusual kind of bunny. The not-very-smart kind. Can you see the little toy in the left bottom of the picture above? Do you know it? My sons sure do. When I saw a rendition in crochet on Pinterest, I just had to show them the picture. It became one of those projects I must do right away. So, I followed the link to Kristi’s blog and saved the tutorial. Then, to the store I went to acquire some white cotton yarn.

Not a sweet bunny - in progress - crochet - France Nadeau

I started last Thursday and I already have done the short legs, the body and half the head. The only stitch used is the single crochet. Very easy. But not easy on the hand, though. It is the first time that I am crocheting something with such a big cotton yarn (I am using a 4.00 mm crochet) and I had to change the way I hold my crochet for this project. I usually hold the crochet between my thumb and index finger, maintaining the crochet against my index finger with my thumb. I quickly started to feel pain in the big muscle at the base of my thumb (“What would be this muscle’s name?”, I wondered.) For this bunny, I have to grab the crochet with all my fingers, like I would grab a piece of wood. With this technique, only my wrist moves. A little awkward for me, but painless.

Not a sweet bunny - in progress - crochet - France Nadeau

This rabbit must be stuffed while it is being crocheted and I soon discovered that I did not have much polyester fibrefill left. By chance, I have an old bed sheet that is mostly white. I cut it into 1-inch-wide stripes, approximately 6-inches long. As you can see in the first picture, the cotton stripes give a nice shape to the rabbit. Do you sometimes use an unusual material to stuff crocheted, knitted or sewn forms?


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4 thoughts on “Not a Sweet Bunny – Work in Progress

  1. Oh that is going to be a funny bunny France! I take it that the little toy was a favorite? My mom used to use ruined pantyhose and stockings to stuff things. They were squishy soft. We don’t wear them so much these day, but back then, they wore them every day.

    • Thank you, Lara! The toy is a Raving Rabbid. The Raving Rabbids are not-very-intelligent rabbits. They were first in a video game. Then toys were made. And a card game. Now they are on tv.

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