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Here, in North America, we are all longing for spring. Even though the calendar says we are March 24, it still feels and looks like February. If I look through the window, what I see is white snow, not so white snow, grayish and bare trees with buds waiting patiently for the weather to warm up.

That led me to work on Spring-looking projects for the past weeks. Bright and happy colors is what we need. I worked on an embroidered egg, in yellow, orange, pink and green. With sparkling beads. Very Spring! I will be able to show it to you next Friday.

Today, I am talking about my Narcissus Baby Blanket that I finished yesterday. All in white and yellow. Like the narcissus that are supposed to be getting ready to emerged from the soil. I think that I will have to wait some time for that to happen and I decided to work on a blanket in those colors. White and yellow together make a very cheery team. And as I have never, ever, made a Granny Square in my life and keep seeing them everywhere on blogs, Pinterest and the likes, I decided to try it.


The Granny Square is for sure fun to crochet. It’s fast and whatever the colors, it always looks good. You change one color for one row, and the square have a completely different look. But, and for me it is a big “but”, you have to tuck in two loose strands at each row. That is a very boring task, in my opinion. Thankfully, it is a baby blanket. I could not imagine having to do that for a king-size bedspread.

After, you have to join the squares. I decided to do it with the hook. Much faster than with the yarn needle. (But you still have to tuck in two strands for each joining row…) This method made a thick join but I like the crosses it created.narcissus-baby-blanket-crochet

I enjoyed crocheting with the bright team of colors and like the lively blanket. But I do not think I will make Granny Squares again, though. The loose strands are too much work for the lazy part of me.


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This is a blanket I made for the Project Linus. Here are other baby blankets I made for charity: Tricolor Baby Blanket, Juicy Fruit Afghan and Blue Baby Blankets and Skinny Bunnies.


6 thoughts on “Narcissus Baby Blanket

  1. I really like your blanket – Yellow and white look so fresh together. I agree sewing in those ends can be a pain but so worth it – Granny Squares are my favorite. I try and make sure that I only make a couple of squares before sewing all the ends in so that there is not a huge task at the end. Your stitches look so neat, a very pretty blanket indeed.

    • That’s true that sewing the ends as you go makes the job smaller. I guess that sewing the squares as you go would also be better than having to assemble them all at the end of the project.
      I love looking at granny squares and now that some time as passed, I’m considering of doing them again.
      Thank you very much for your encouraging words. 😉

    • I’m learning to like this color… I used to avoid it but not anymore. I know you make lovely crochet so your compliment means a lot to me. Thank you.

    • Thank you Muv! Yes, yellow did cheer me up. And I continued to work with this color for some easter embroidery projects. I’m trying to bring the sun inside when it refuses to shine outside!

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