My First Paper-Pieced Blocks


In August, Marianne from Adventurous Quilter posted a lengthy and interesting tutorial on paper piecing. I had never tried this technique before and was becoming more and more curious about it. But I was holding back as it involves paper, following lines, manipulating shapeless scraps and matching corners in ways that seemed quite complex. Surely, one needs an extensive experience in quilting to sew such beautiful blocks.

Luckily for me, after I left a comment at the end of her post saying that I enjoyed reading her tutorial and that the technique now seemed less daunting, she graciously sent me a paper-piece pattern for beginner level. And it was a house. How could I resist? So I printed it, took some cotton scraps and sat down at my sewing machine.





I really, really enjoyed it. The first house took some time as I was verifying twice that the pieces of fabric were at the right place and on the right side before sewing. Some seams on the back are very thin. The second house went faster, but I had to add a strip on the left wall. Somehow, I misjudged the size of the scrap. For the third house, everything went smoothly. I was hooked. So I made a fourth.

I am grateful for Marianne‘s generosity. This house pattern was what I needed to try this technique. Those houses will not be the last ones and I have started a small collection of paper piecing patterns that I intent to make.

I think that the main trick is to go slowly. What I like about this method is that after each line we sew and iron, a new part of the motif appears. Very rewarding.

What do you like about paper-piecing?


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12 thoughts on “My First Paper-Pieced Blocks

    • Thank you! I don’t know if I’m the queen, but this is a technique I now appreciate. 🙂 Certain blocks are more easily made with this method.

  1. Your paper pieced houses look lovely, France!!! I’ve only done paper piecing a few times and each time I found it confusing at first. I really had to concentrate, but once I got into the swing of it, I found I really enjoyed it.

    • Thank you, Marcy! Yes, you’re so right… we have to think backward. That’s why I had to double check at every step. 😉 I will definitely try an other pattern soon.

  2. Those are some cute little house blocks, France. Looks like you are a natural when it comes to paper piecing. I have only used that technique once. The block I made turned out okay, but it just did not feel natural to me. Gotta try everything at least once!

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