Little Pouches in Darker Colors

Little Pouches in Darker Colors -

More little pouches but in totally different shades. As I mentioned in my post on the first pouches I have made, I was inspired by Anabelia Craft Design. Once I saw what she herself have made, the idea of making a few was implanted in my brain. One of those projects I absolutely have to make.

Little Pouches in Darker Colors -

For the white and black little pouch, I have used the same polyester yarn as for the more colorful ones (the white). But I knew I had not enough left to make the whole project. I therefore changed for a merino yarn in red, grey and black near the top. The diameter of this yarn being smaller, I also had to change for a bigger hook. I think the result is stunning because of the contrasting colors and I like the change of texture, from one yarn to the other.

Little Pouches in Darker Colors -

I was also able to recreate the same contrast and change of texture while making the flap. I love black and grey against white and I find that the red row adds some vividness quite nicely.

Little Pouches in Darker Colors -

I had some white yarn left and was able to crochet a little wristlet. Just as I always make it, with scallops along a row of chain stitches. For the lining, I used an old t-shirt. Two rectangles sewn together with the sewing machine and afterward sewn by hand to attach it to the yarn.

Little Pouches in Darker Colors -

I think the brown little pouch is my favorite, even though I am not usually a big fan of brown. It could be because the yarn was cooperative and changed colors at the right place, creating a beautiful gradation. Or it could be the gold and black button, that has been waiting since the 80s to be reused.

Little Pouches in Darker Colors -

It may not be obvious, but I used a different ball of yarn for the flap. One that is lighter in colors. Lighter beige, lighter brown and lighter grey. I wanted to visually separate the two parts of the bag.

Little Pouches in Darker Colors -

In the picture above, we see the beautiful motif of the flap. And how the yarn changed colors from one row to the other. Variegated yarn can make you ask yourself “How is this even possible?”


If you wish to make a little pouch, just go to Anabelia Craft Design and follow her link. Thank you for visiting,


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4 thoughts on “Little Pouches in Darker Colors

  1. It is amazing how different these look from your first little pouches. Yet they are every bit as beautiful France. They seem to combine delicacy with earthiness. Wonderful!

    • Yes, they look very different. It’s surprising how much the choice of yarn can change the appearance. I like your words to describe those two pouches: delicacy and earthiness. I like that very much.

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