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Anyone who had read my recent posts may have guessed by now that I love lavender. For its heavenly smell, its beautiful stems, its sturdiness (I am a lazy gardener and I love plants that take care of themselves) and its ability to survive with just a bit of water.

I created this lavender motif a few years ago to embroider on greeting cards. You can see that I now use it on more than cards. On a bag–picture above. On a quilt–picture below.


I have done many, many embroidered cards the past few years. Not just with lavender and not just with flowers. (Maybe I will make a post about it someday.) I used to stitch the lavender directly on a cardboard. Which made a simple and modern card. I do not have any to show you, but imagine the motifs directly on a white and slightly embossed cardboard. The lavender flowers stand out prettily. Then I upgraded my lavender cards two years ago by adding fabric in a patchwork fashion. I assemble the fabric with my sewing machine. After that, I embroider by hand the lavender, with the chain stitch and the stem stitch. Lastly, I sew the fabric onto a cardboard with my sewing machine, selecting the pretty stitch you can see in white in the following picture (I believe it is called the feather stitch).


The following picture is a card made with the cross stitch. I did not design that one. The design was created by Sereine and you can find it here. I have done many cards with this motif, on toile de jute (burlap). I like its country look. And its simple elegance.



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