Granny-Square Cape


The front

This is a cape I have crocheted for my four years-old niece. It is completely made with the granny-square stitch, except for a border of double crochets. I started at the tip and increased at the beginning and end of each new row, to form a big triangle. I folded a part of the longest side to form a collar and attached it into place with flowers, following my Eight-Petal Crochet Flowers pattern.  I used a polyester yarn.


The back


The cape can be attached with two chain-stitched cords


The folded collar from the back

I love making things for little girls. Girly things in pink, with flowers and the like. Do you?


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4 thoughts on “Granny-Square Cape

  1. Oh my gosh – that’s so delicate and so pretty France! Love the colors and the little flowers! Yes, little girls are fun to make things for. Even our little tomboys would have loved this!

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