Fruit Pudding – Strawberries and Pecans (Daily Cooking)

Daily Cooking - Puddings - Strawberries and Pecans -

When it’s strawberry season, I always make a strawberry pudding.

Fruit Pudding - Strawberries and Pecan - Daily Cooking -

The pecans, with their pronounced taste, enhance marvelously the sweetness of the ripe and juicy strawberries. My version of this popular fruit pudding contains much less sugar and much less fat than what is usually served. But it’s equally delicious. When you have to control your sugar or fat intake, eating desserts becomes difficult. This fruit pudding—along with all the puddings in my cookbook—makes it possible to indulge. I myself find it perfectly safe to eat a portion for an afternoon or a night snack. If I couple it with a cup of peppermint tea (which lower the speed of carb absorption), it’s even better. I would like to add that my recipes are without eggs and without butter.

The recipe is in my Daily Cooking – Puddings cookbook. It’s available on Amazon. There is also a French version La cuisine au quotidien – Les poudings.

Energy 252 kcal Protein 4 g Carbohydrates 32 g
Fat 13 g Iron 1 mg Sodium 116 mg

I just love how this crust looks.

Fruit Pudding - Strawberries and Pecan - Daily Cooking -

To make this pudding, I use the special technique I have developed over the years, using only one bowl. One of my goal in the kitchen is to have the least possible amount of dirty dishes. 😉 I explain everything in my cookbooks (with multiple pictures).

Les poudings - La cuisine au quotidien -          Puddings - Daily Cooking -

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