From Dress… to Top and Scarf


From dress... to top and scarf -

I have sewn a dress a few years ago, following a McCalls pattern that I have used many times. The front and the back are each made of four pieces. I have recently decided to turn the dress into a top by removing the sleeves and cutting the bottom.

From dress... to top and scarf -

This is the back, with a long zipper. Do not worry, the bottom is straight when I wear it. This top is form-fitting and do not look at its best on a hanger…

From dress... to top and scarf -

I have added three white beads on each side of the zipper, near the edge. Unfortunately, we do not see them clearly on the picture. The beads kind of disappear in all those white and pale pink on a slightly shinny polyester.

From dress... to top and scarf -

This is a polyester fabric that tends to distort. Even more so after ripping the seams. But I managed to keep the edges relatively straight.

From dress... to top and scarf -

The summer scarf I was able to make with the cut bottom of the dress. I added three white beads at each corner.

From dress... to top and scarf -

This is how my inside edges look like. Very simply done with a straight stitch.

From Dress... to Top and Scarf

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4 thoughts on “From Dress… to Top and Scarf

    • Thank you, Lara! I’m glad to read you appreciate the little touches. 🙂 I can tell you that I love it better as a top than as a dress. I can not often wear a embroidered pink dress. It doesn’t fit in my daily life, me, a mother of two boys. lol

  1. France the top and scarf is beautiful! I love that pink fabric!!! I don’t know what the dress looked like, but you did a wonderful job turning it into a top and scarf.

    • Thank you, Daryl! I also love that pink fabric. And I still have lots of it. 🙂 The dress was above the knees with short sleeves. Changing it into a top was quick work.

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