8 thoughts on “From Bits and Pieces to Snowmen

    • Thank you, Joy! The fabric I used for the hats and scarfs come from old sweaters my young sons had. I cut from the sweaters and stitched by hand. The knit was perfect for this project. 🙂

  1. France these snowmen are just adorable — what a cute, cute idea. Love all the different ways they are adorned. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and taking the time to comment on Redbird and Berries as well as the Bird Pillows. Nice to you have you stop by and good luck in the give away! Karen

    • Hi! I certainly enjoyed myself while stitching them and giving them different looks. One is a pastry chef, one is running late, one is just frozen into place, an other one is holding itself very straight as if to say that the cold will not win, etc. That may sound childish a bit…

      For those reading this comment… I suggest you stop by Karen’s blog, to look at her elegant and stunning Redbird and Berries Quilt. Just clic on her name, above. You’ll see, it’s worth it. (Hint: there’s a giveaway for the kit. Hopefully, it will end on my sewing table.)

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