First Ever Knitting Project


My first ever knitting project was a baby blanket. That was twenty years ago. Sewing and embroidering were already among my favorite hobbies. Fabric and thread were starting to pile up on my shelves. Yarn was the next logical step for me. I had bought a book some time ago about knitting stitches (Le Dictionnaire Harmony des points de tricot). It has strategically been placed next to the cash register in a fabric store and had caught my eyes instantly. What attracted me was that the book included a picture of a sampler below every stitch name, each made with a different yarn and color. I spent quite some time looking at those pictures, trying to decide which stitch would not be too hard to accomplish for a beginner, while having the important quality of being pretty.


One can feel somewhat overwhelmed when visiting a yarn store. So many cubicles packed with wool balls. In every possible colors and thicknesses. Not to mention the various fibers and quality. I had in the past followed my mother to such stores, and was somewhat over that feeling. I still had to make a choice, a task that can also be overwhelming because of all the choices offered to you. This is not a step to be rushed, though, when searching for the perfect yarn.  After perusing through all that was displayed, I finally picked the white, pink and purple you can see in my pictures. I still love the colors of that blanket.


I knew the knit stitch and the purl stitch, but had not yet mastered the task of mixing both in the same row (knitted ribs was a great mystery at that time). I chose the “point diable”. I think, from the search I made on the internet, that the proper English translation is “devil stitch”. But I am not sure about that (if you know this stitch, please tell me how you call it–the translator side of me would appreciate it). Here is how this stitch is knitted (number of stitches: multiple of 3):

1st row (back of work): purl stitches

2nd row: 2 knit stitches, *yarn over, 3 knit stitches, first of these 3 stitches over the following 2*, 1 knit stitch

3rd row: purl stitches

4th row: 1 knit stitch, *3 knit stitches, first of these 3 stitches over the following 2, yarn over*, 2 knit stitches.


If I remember well, it took me more than a year to make all the squares and to assemble them. Then I made a border. What you see in the pictures is a blanket that was used and washed. We can see fiber threads sticking out everywhere. My two sons slept under it. After that project, I was truly hooked and knitting was added to the list of my favorite hobbies.

What was your first knitting project? Was is a blanket too? Was is a baby project?



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  1. Dropping by from The Inspired Wren, loved reading about your blanket. I don’t have any ‘old’ items I’ve made anymore. My first was a jumper for my large teddy bear, Bruno, but that was about 45 years ago, the jumper and Bruno are long gone I’m sad to say. 😀

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