Easter Egg with Marguerites


Easter will be here soon and I have been working on eggs for the last weeks. I wanted cheery colors, a prelude to the flowers we are all hoping to enjoy soon. First, I worked on an embroidered egg, which is the subject of this post. In the picture above, you can also see bits of the Butterfly Easter Eggs I created. I will tell more about them next week.

This was a relaxing project. I started with a few rows of satin stitch, with yellow, pale orange and dark orange floss. That was the longest part of the project. After that, I made green lines on each side with the coral stitch. I love that stitch. I made the knots every 6 mm / 1/4″. That was done pretty fast. Then, I sew the beads for the flowers. That was kind of boring, but well worth the effort. The sparkle they add makes the flowers more vibrant. Lastly, I stitched the petals with the lazy daisy stitch. That stitch is quite simple but beautiful. Little effort for big results!


Click on the picture to enlarge it and see how simple they are to stitch

After that, it was a matter of assembling the front with the back and adding some details. Like more coral stitch all around the egg and my initials with a few flowers on the back.


You see the paper flowers on the right? My mother made them a few years ago and I thought they just pair so well with my eggs.

I wrote a pattern for this egg covered with marguerites. You can find it here for free, in French and in English. I really enjoyed stitching the flowers with the lazy daisy stitch. And the transparent bead at the centre of each flower adds a little something.

Have you been working on Easter projects? I would love to learn about them.


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This is the material I used for this project

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    • Thank you for the compliment and thank you for the invitation. I didn’t know your blog but after browsing through your posts for many minutes I can say that I’m glad that you visited mine. I’m going back to yours right now to link up.

  1. That is such a darling Easter egg! I can see a few of them in a basket looking just the thing on the Easter table. Thank you for sharing your creativity on Hexie Weekend. We love your eye candy.

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