Delectable Mountains


I have been making Delectable Mountains lately. I have used a paper-piece pattern that Lara, from BuzzinBumble, has so generously provided. She has made a gorgeous quilt with these mountains. To see her quilt and her pattern, just click here.

I would not even have entertained the idea of making Delectable Mountains before. They certainly look complex. But Lara’s paper-pieced pattern has made it possible and I can proudly say that I made seven mountains. They measure 2″ by 4″. Here is a picture of the first three:


You can see that I added a piece of blue fabric on top of the mountains. This is because I will use these Delectable Mountains along with paper-pieced houses I have made last fall. They will be sewn on each side of a house:


I must say that I had some difficulties making them, even with Lara’s pattern. At first, I kept inverting the top and the bottom colors. Many times, I did not put the fabric at the right angle (before sewing). I even forgot to iron the fabric before cutting around the template. A few times. Lara indicated on her templates which way the seams should be ironned. Unfortunately, following that was beyond my capacities. All my focus was on getting the right fabric placed where it should be.

What complicated things was that I used a motif with straight lines for the mountains and I wanted them to be vertically or horizontally placed, but not in a diagonal. Ensued much fumbling with the pieces of fabric. (You should know that I unconsciously decided to place the template behind the blue fabric.) While doing the third mountain, I realized that the sewing line was at a 45 degree angle. That was almost a moment of illumination. 😉 I am not saying that, from then, everything went smoothly, but my speed of execution greatly improved.  Now that my mountains are done, I realise that it would have been much easier to place the template behind my beige-with-lines fabric instead of behind the blue fabric (which could be used at every angle). Next time I will.

I have learned the importance of back stitching at the beginning and the end of the stitched lines. The stitches were taken apart when I removed the paper on the first mountain. I think that making the first block took me over an hour. After completing it, I was in great need of a strong cup of tea.


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10 thoughts on “Delectable Mountains

  1. “in need of a strong cup of tea” … or something stronger, more like it! That would be moi! They turned out super, and yes, I feel your pain with angles in pp!

  2. I love that blue fabric in your mountains blocks! They look terrific. And they will look great set with the houses. The first time I paper pieced I also needed a very strong cup of tea, but it gets much easier, I promise! Try a smaller stitch length to make the paper easier to remove.

    I made a mountains quilt using this technique: It makes bigger blocks, but you could probably adapt it to your size.

    Have fun!

    • Thank you, Mari, for your encouraging words! I went to check the link you included in your comments. Actually, I saw a pin from that post earlier this week and re-pinned it. 🙂 I will try this method.

    • Thank you, Ruth! I also use small pieces of fabric… because I don’t want to waste beautiful fabric… but it sure makes life more difficult. 😉

  3. France, I am so sorry that you had a hard time with these. You made me laugh in your comment to me via email about this being good brain exercise for prevention of Alzheimer’s.
    Yes, fabric with a directional print would be harder. Some of my fabrics had a stripe to them, but I didn’t mind too much that the stripe was angled. With instruction or pattern improvement in mind, I would love to chat more with you about how this pattern could be made easier and better for users.
    Your mountains did turn out quite nice in the end!

    • I’m glad that you find my mountains have turned out nice. Yes, I had a hard time, but it was a great learning experience. I had never done that kind of traditional block before. I can only thank you for making the Delectable Mountains pattern, because I would never have made mountains otherwise.

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