Dainty Doilies (crochet)

Dainty Doilies - crochet - francenadeau.com  Dainty Doilies - crochet - francenadeau.com

The free pattern for these dainty doilies was created by Anabelia Craft Design. She designed it for crochet lavender sachets. So lovely.

Please note that I omitted the picots. Anabelia’s are even daintier with those extra details–but I just hate making them. Don’t follow my lead on this, if you have the patience the picot stitch requires.

Dainty Doilies - crochet - francenadeau.comDainty Doilies - crochet - francenadeau.com  Dainty Doilies - crochet - francenadeau.comDainty Doilies - crochet - francenadeau.com

Fallen Leaves Quilt and Squash - francenadeau.com

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5 thoughts on “Dainty Doilies (crochet)

  1. Oh, France, your coasters look so delicate and exquisite. I love the combination of colors that you have chosen and they are perfectly blocked. I hope you enjoyed doing them. Thank you very much for the mention and link. Have a wonderful weekend, dear!

  2. I have never mastered crochet, though I have made a couple of half-hearted attempts. These are so pretty you make me want to revisit it – and you have chosen lovely colours too.

  3. Oh, you have been having fun, France!
    They are really gorgeous! Thank you for the link.
    How did you know I had recently been thinking of crochet and had bought some cotton? I hadn’t decided on anything to make with the cotto, but this looks ideal!
    Ah well …… onto the list of projects “to do”!
    Barbara xx

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