Cross-Stitched Carrots


I just love their color! 

Cross stitching is very pleasurable. I was under 20 years old when I first tried it and I made many, many cross stitch items since that day. Doing the X is very simple and all you have to do is follow the pattern. That may seem quite boring, but as an image appears gradually, X after X after X, it becomes addictive.


With the Italian magazine

With Spring around the corner (hopefully sooner than later), I started to think about Easter. I went to Pinterest and made a few searches about Easter pictures. I saw a few Beatrix Potter drawings and that made me think about my cross-stitched carrots. They were in a box, with other unfinished projects. I made them a few years ago, following a pattern from my favorite cross stitch magazine, Le Idee di Susanna. It’s an Italian magazine and I have a pile of it. I still don’t know what I’ll do with them. Maybe I will quilt an orange border and frame them. But I’m not sure about that… Any suggestions?


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11 thoughts on “Cross-Stitched Carrots

  1. Hello France,

    Those carrots are gorgeous and look very edible – are you going to do the radishes on the magazine cover? They would look really cheerful as a matching pair in the kitchen. The only vegetable I have ever sewn is an appliqué leek, which was fun.


    • I’m glad that you like them. That’s true that the radishes would pair well with the carrots. But I won’t make them just right now. I’m more into an embroidery phase. But who knows, the cross stitch phase may come back any time. Thanks for dropping by… I’ll go back to your place soon to see how you’re doing with your free motion landscape.

  2. The carrots are lovely!! A couple years ago, I finished a cross stitch but couldn’t afford to frame it at the time, so put fabric borders on it and finished it into a small wallhanging. Now I never consider framing them. Love having them around the house — never get tired of looking at them!

    • That’s a good idea! Wallhanging cross stitch… like a wallhanging quilt. Why not? The amount of time we put into a cross stitch can be as big as for a quilt. And those carrots certainly needed many hours of work. Thank you!

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