Crocheting a Frame on an Aïda Cloth

Crocheting a frame on an Aida cloth - francenadeau.comSome time ago, I posted the carrots I cross stitched. The project was not quite finished as it was in need of a frame. Mary Huey mentioned in the comment section that she adds fabric borders to her cross-stitch projects and I thought that was a very good idea. I left my carrots in view, waiting for the perfect fabric. But, a few weeks ago, I unravelled an old sweater to crochet daisies and could not miss the fact that the colors were perfectly matching my carrots. So the fabric border idea became a crochet border. Thanks to the online crafting community, ideas are shared and even more ideas are born.

I prepared a tutorial for crocheting this frame and you can find it here (free pdf), in French and in English. Let me know if you have questions or if you make the frame!


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Tutorial for crocheting a frame on an Aïda cloth

  1. Trim all sides of the Aïda cloth. The cross stitch motif should be inside a square or a rectangle. Make sure you cut between two rows of threads and follow the same row with your scissors, along the whole side (do not zig zag).
  2. Using a hook small enough for the holes of your Aïda cloth, crochet a foundation over two rows of the cloth’s threads (see chart to know where you should insert the hook): *3 dc, skip 2 holes*, 3 dc.
  3. Using a hook slightly bigger than the one you used for the foundation, make a row of scallops: *3 dc in the same s, skip 1 s, 1 ss, skip 1 s*, 3 dc in the same s.
  4. Pass two strands of yarn of a different color, with a yarn needle, under the foundation to hide the cloth we can see between the groups of double crochets (see picture).
  5. Run a strand of yarn through the scallops, with a yarn needle, through the holes that separate the scallops (see picture).

Corners: you may have to cheat a little bit while crocheting the foundation at the corners, unless you counted the rows of threads in your Aïda cloth before trimming it. You may have to skip more than two holes, once or twice, when nearing the corner. Just make sure you continue to crochet over two rows of the cloth’s threads after you turned the corner.



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