Cardinal Blocks for my Winter Quilt


The cardinal is a majestic bird that adds a splash of vividness wherever it lands and I could not make my Winter Quilt without it. I more than once saw a cardinal while walking in the Montreal Botanical Garden during a mild winter day. Posing in the same manner as the ones I have hand-appliqued, perched on the branch of a grand oak. Twice this winter, I was lucky enough to see one in my backyard (though not in an oak).


The eyes and the black sections around them were embroidered by hand. I have also embroidered snow on the branches and on the acorns, because I have never seen a winter without snow. The blocks would then have been better suited for a fall quilt.

A closer look will show you blue threads running horizontally. This is because I prepared the quilt for quilting before taking the pictures. I know, these do not add to the prettiness. Please, ignore them.

I have made four cardinal blocks. They are similar, with wings and acorns placed differently. Two birds are facing the left and two are facing the right. I hope you enjoy looking at my cardinals, as much as I did stitching them.


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8 thoughts on “Cardinal Blocks for my Winter Quilt

    • Thank you for your compliment, Bernie! I understand how you may miss the cardinals. But maybe there is an other majestic bird in your new area that you can admire?

  1. What a pretty block! Cardinals are my favorite birds and I am so blessed to have a pair that come to our feeder regularly.

  2. This is going to be a wonderful quilt France. Your snowmen and now these cardinals have a lot of charming details! I love how you embroidered snow covered branches. you always add the nicest touches!

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