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I have sewn two more small handbags. Some of you may think: “Oh, no. Not again!”. But some of you may be interested in seeing them, as they look different from those I posted about during the last two months (Three Bags, One PatternA Bag for a Grandmother and Green Flower Bag).

They are entirely made from old jeans. But they are not monochrome as I used many various legs (jeans’ legs, of course): regular blue, pale blue, washed-too-many-times blue, grey and black.




Small Handbag - pattern at francenadeau.comThey have a patchwork-like style and machine-stitched embroidery. They also have a little tag. The pink stitches, the pink threads attaching the tags and the beads add a feminine touch to a somewhat neutral fabric. And the inside of the bags sports a little pocket. (Does this paragraph sounds like an ad to you too?)

Hopefully, you were interested in seeing those two small handbags. Thank you for your visit,


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26 thoughts on “Blue Jeans Small Handbags

  1. France I love the blue jean bags. Great use for old jeans or scraps of jean fabrics. Did you use a stabilizer or interfacing in them to make them stand up so nicely? Just curious what you use.

    • Thank you! In fact, I used cotton batting. I sew the embroidery stitches through the jeans and the batting. That, plus the jeans lining, makes a bag that stands up nicely.

  2. France – these are great! I love using old jeans to make bags. I think I have made about 3 or 4 now. The purse I currently use is made from old jeans – I shared the tutorial on how to make it a few months ago on my blog. I like that the jeans make the bags – purses – durable. The pink stitching you did looks really nice, too.

    • You’re right, jeans make durable items. This fabric last forever. I found your post and your denim bag is gorgeous! I love how the embroidered letter gives the bag a sophisticated look. I glad you told me about it!

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