Blue Bird Abecedary


This Blue Bird Abecedary was stitched in 2010. I used two different books of cross-stitch motifs and letters. With those two books on my shelves, I have patterns for every possible occasions and seasons. (Well, I also have a big pile of magazines too…) The letters are from one book, the birds, flowers and butterflies from the other.


What I love about cross stitching is that everything is made to fit into a square or a rectangle. The stitch itself is an imaginary square. Each letter of the alphabet can, therefore, take the same amount of space. So, I placed the letters in rows on the Aïda cloth, leaving empty spaces here and there. After that, placing different motifs among the letters was very easy. I spent quite some enjoyable time going through the pages of my books trying to decide what would be the theme.


I had great pleasure choosing the right motifs and colors for this abecedary. I firstly chose a bird that I found adorable and as he was likely looking for insects, my second choice was naturally the flowers. And why not add a few butterflies too? The bird with the tail up is the first one I made. I wanted to add an second one but the book only had it in this position. So, I cheated a little bit to make the second one with its tail on the right. Do you guess what I did?


For years I have kept the fabric of an old summer pyjamas. You can see a glimpse of the white and blue flowery fabric in the first two pictures. Once I had finished the cross stitch, I realised that the colors of the pyjamas were perfect for the two birds. The two were put away together.

I have recently cut the cotton and sew a few borders to my Blue Bird Abecedary. I have also incorporated into this quilt top four stripes I have cross stitched in the same colors (you can see part of a stripe in the picture below). The top is now ready to be quilted. I still have to decide if I will make a wall hanging or a cushion out of it. I am leaning toward the second option.

To be followed!


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4 thoughts on “Blue Bird Abecedary

  1. Oh I love cross-stitch. It’s been so long since I worked on any. I’m so inspired by yours, I’ll have to dig some out. Your work is so pretty! Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

    • I’m glad my abecedary inspired you to do some cross stitching. This is such a pleasant hobby. Let me know if you make a post about it and thank your for your compliment!

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