Bat and Cat





Those two little pumpkin cross stitches adorn orange pillowcases. I made them a few years ago and every fall they find their way to my sons’ beds. I followed patterns in Better Homes and Garden 2001 Cross-Stitch Designs. I love this book. I first cross stitched the bat-and-pumpkin and the cat-and-pumpkin on pieces of burlap. They are small–about 1 1/2″ x 2″–and were stitched pretty fast. Then, I sew the burlap onto a 16″ square of orange fabric, at the centre. After, I cross stitched a frame of black and orange embroidery floss. Very simple: black x, orange x, black x, orange x, etc. Very, very fast. But big effect. Lastly, I trimmed the burlap at 1/4″ from the frame on all sides. Even though they went into the washing machine countless times, the cross stitch still looks as new and there was never any fraying floss and burlap thread. I never though that both would be that sturdy but can only be happy about that. As well as my two boys!


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16 thoughts on “Bat and Cat

  1. France, those are adorable! Love the cat and bat designs and also the orange color you chose! I had no idea that cross stitching could hold up well in the wash. Or burlap. Intriguing….

    • Thank you, Lara! The cross stitching holds well because, I guess, I finished it at the back with strong knots. Knots in embroidery are a no-no for many, but they keep everything in place for sure. As for the burlap, I must add that I used the more refined kind. There are many kinds of burlap and this one almost looks like a fabric.

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